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An asset map for the whole community

Calling all community, charity and public organisations across Enfield.

For many years Enfield have been missing an accessible community map of all the Charity/Community/Voluntary services and community facilities Enfield has to offer.

During the pandemic, the community pulled together and there were so many amazing services and support being provided around the borough but no central place where you could find out about it all. The community mapping process acknowledges that individuals, local charities and community organisation all have the capacity to create real change in our community, but that none of us can do it alone.

It felt like the perfect time due to the pandemic as well as increased accountability, tight budgets, resource shortages, and fragmented services to pull the Enfield Community Mapping Project together. Therefore Love Your Doorstep Community CIC have partnered up with Arup UK to develop the’ Enfield mapping project’. Arup UK are a multinational professional services firm based in London who provide engineering, architecture, design, planning, project management and consulting services, Arup has stepped forward to help us as part of their community engagement programme and commitment to give back to local communities.

This project is being run and implemented by Love Your Doorstep Community CIC, our not for profit arm of the organisation and we are very excited to be working with Ellie Robles of Arup who grew up in Enfield. We both believe that the mapping project can bring real benefit to Enfield and its communities providing both time, voluntary contributions and resources to make this work locally.


  • A platform that provides details of assets, community facilities, organisations/charities and services within Enfield;
  • Identifying new resources;
  • Ensuring that the community have access to the resources they need;
  • Avoiding duplication of services and resources;
  • Form new partnerships and relationships;
  • Encouraging collaboration for the greater good of the community
  • Understanding the gaps in services within the Borough and provide evidence to develop new services;
  • We aim to make this asset accessible, translatable and inclusive for the whole community.

The map will be an independent platform developed with the community for the community!

Partners so far……………………………

We have been working on the project since July, and have had a number of phase one stakeholders who have been assisting us with ideas as well as getting their data uploaded onto the map. Please see below our partners.

  • Enfield Women's Centre
  • Enfield Council
  • The NHS
  • Enfield Chase Rotary club
  • Cooking Champions CIC
  • Enterprise Enfield
  • Enfield Chase Rotary club
  • The Old Enfield Charitable Trust
  • Enfield Climate Action Forum
  • Family Based Solutions
  • Time to Help UK
  • North Enfield Foodbank
  • Oasis Academy
  • Edmonton SDA Church
  • The Wellbeing Co
  • Edmonton Community Partnership
  • Enfield Town Schools' Partnership (ETSP)

We Need your help ………………..

Provide your information:

Complete the form with your organisation/Charity/ services details via this Link.

Your data is GDPR protected and Love Your Doorstep is registered with the ISO. The data may be used to improve Enfield and aid the development of services to benefit the community. It may also be used in urgent or emergency situations. We will always share your organisations data fairly and in a transparent manner within the network.

Mapping so far:

Take a look at the raw GIS data on the Map to date, the artwork and design is being developed and if you have any thoughts we would like to hear from you.

Published: Nov. 3, 2020