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May 6th by elections in Enfield.

You can vote if you are in Chase Ward, Southbury Ward, Jubilee Ward.

Find out who the candidates are standing in the May 06 2021 by elections in Enfield.

Chase Ward

Lib Dem


Guy Russo

Guy Russo is the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Chase By-Election on May 6th.

He is standing to protect Whitewebbs, make Chase a better place to live in and be a listening, hard-working councillor for our community.

Guy has always lived in Chase and like so many of us is deeply angry at the way the Council have treated locals.

With your Vote, Guy will be a strong Liberal Democrat voice for Chase, working hard to defend green spaces like Whitewebbs, improve local transport, stand up for local businesses on Lancaster Road and (unlike Labour or the Tories) keep in regular contact with you about your priorities for the area.

Read more about Guy’s plans for Chase here:

Green Party


Lynne Davies

is now retired after a career as a Town Planner in Haringey. She was also a union rep. Born in Coventry she has lived in Enfield for the last 40 years. She describes herself as a feminist and a socialist as well as an environmentalist.

Labour Candidate


Chris James

Labour’s candidate for the Chase by-election.
Residents in Chase ward will have the chance to vote for Chris James, who has lived in the borough for nearly
three decades and has a daughter who attends a local secondary school. Chris has worked in the NHS in
Enfield and Harringey for 12 years and more recently she has worked in education and children’s services,
developing an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing Enfield’s young people and schools.
‘Successive Conservative Governments have cut school budgets and projects supporting young people. In my
job I see the impact that has on young people every day. I look forward to working alongside Enfield’s Labour
Council to support young people across our borough’ Chris has said.
Labour’s Feryal Clark MP for Enfield North has said ‘Chris is a real advocate for local people and local issues.
She knows and understands Chase ward through and through and I know she is passionate about protecting
our green spaces and tackling inequality in the ward.’

Conservative candidate


Andrew Thorp

Andrew was born in Enfield and he has lived in the borough most of his life. He cares about the area he calls home. Andrew and his wife have three young sons and he wants Enfield to continue to be a great place for his own family and the wider community. Andrew is passionate about Chase Ward and he wants to defend the Green Belt which makes up a large part of the area. His main priorities are to keep the local area clean and tidy by tackling rubbish and fly-tipping, campaigning to stop the proliferation of tower blocks across the borough and fighting to save Whitewebbs Park and Golf Course for the community. Andrew is proud to be raising his family in Enfield and he volunteers for organisations across the borough. He wants the chance to be a strong voice on Enfield Council for all residents

TUSC _ Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition


Mira Glavardanov, Chase ward:

I am a socialist, environmentalist, housing, and anti-austerity campaigner.

Enfield’s poverty and housing crisis have gone worse over recent years. That is both the result of Tory government and our Labour council’s pro-rich policies.

I have been active in the Meridian 4 Council Homes housing campaign since its inception and am a member of Unite Community Enfield.

I supported Jeremy Corbyn’s socialist policies in support of more council house building and ending austerity. Unfortunately, Labour is now proving again they are an establishment party unwilling to challenge the status quo in which the poor are getting poorer while the rich get richer.

In the council chamber I will fight against all cuts to council services and jobs, and all privatisations, including leasing Whitewebbs to private business.

I will fight against the skyscrapers and for quality council housing. For clean environment and against the council’s plan for monster incinerator that will pollute the air of north London. I will unashamedly stand for the voice of the working class, against all pro-rich, establishment parties.

I have lived in Enfield for 11 years and have been politically active for most of that time.

Southbury Ward

Lib Dem

Luke Cummings

Luke Cummings

I’m Luke Cummings and I’m standing for the Liberal Democrats in the Southbury Ward By-Election on May 6th. I grew up and went to school round here and I’m passionate about local politics. I have been involved in Enfield Area Youth Forum and a local mentor for the National Citizens Service. This has showed me what we can achieve when we work together and for each other. Sadly, this Council does not share this view, it seems to actively ignore us locally and just takes our votes for granted.

We currently have many thousands of people on our Council housing waiting lists, people who need proper safe secure family homes and our Council seems to only want to build flats for buy to let investors or people who could afford a flat anyway. They are over 1 Billion pounds in debt and still doing the wrong thing.

The Council will not change unless we change it, Labour and Conservatives have failed us and do not deserve our votes. I will be a Councillor that listens and fights for our Community and brings our values of decency and co-operation to the Council.

Please vote for me, Luke Cummings, either by postal vote or at a polling station on May 6th for the Southbury Ward Council By-Election.

Green Party


Luke Balnave

I work as a Data Manager at a local secondary school and grew up in Enfield, returning over 5 years ago now to work and live here once again. I went to school in Enfield, primary and secondary, and graduated from Durham University with a BA in Economics. Before getting involved in education data, I was a Geography teacher, also at a comprehensive school in Enfield.
I volunteer for the Friends of Bush Hill Park and am active on a number of local environmental groups.

Whether it's standing up for protecting our amazing green spaces; supporting existing residents in the face of ill-conceived sky-scraper blocks; or promoting future health outcomes by opposing new incineration capacity, I will be unwavering on green principles.

I am passionate about Enfield, its people and the strength of community I feel uniquely exists here. I have 2 daughters and want to help create a bright future for them. 2-party politics no longer works for Enfield. It is time for a new breed of plural engagement where voices are heard.

Want Green. Vote Green.


labour South

Ayten Guzel

Labour’s candidate for the Southbury by-election.
Residents in Southbury ward will have the chance to vote for Ayten Guzel, following the sad passing of Chris Bond who served as a councillor in Enfield for over 30 years.
Ayten was born and grew up in Enfield and has a good understanding of the challenges residents face. ‘People are suffering because of the housing crisis and the Conservative cuts to the NHS. Locally, I will work with the
police to tackle crime in our community. I am dedicated to bringing about positive change for Southbury’ Ayten has said.
Enfield North’s Feryal Clark MP says ‘Southbury ward residents need councillors who will stand up for them.
I know Ayten will be a brilliant and effective Councillor with lots of experience working for the community.’



Patrick Drysdale

Patrick is a resident of Southbury ward and he has lived in the borough for most of his life. He cares about the area he calls home and he wants to improve the council estate where he lives. Patrick is determined to do a better job than the current Labour councillors. He wants the chance to stand up for his community and be a strong voice on Enfield Council for all residents.

TUSC -Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

John Southbury.jpg

John Dolan, Soutbury ward:

I am an officer and a representative in my trade union branch, and I have been an officer in my local Community Association continuously for the last 20 years.

Since the private banking sector collapse of 2007/2008 I have witnessed first hand the Tory/Lib Dem coalition, and then Tory government, austerity cuts to local government services. At that time, they promised only cuts to ‘back room bureaucrats’ - and now we have a fortnightly bins collection amongst other cuts to vital front line services!

The care service I work in has been more than halved since 2010, with the excuse “there’s no more money left to pay for these services”. The public money found during the pandemic shows this up to be a lie - the money was always there.

The Tories have shown their post-pandemic intentions by offering the NHS heroes a 1% pay rise - the Tories intend to make the working class pay for the pandemic through unemployment, pay restraint and cuts to public services. We are one of the richest countries in the world, and this does not need to happen.

If elected as a Southbury ward councillor I will fight my best to stop these Tory attacks, to redistribute wealth and to make living in Enfield affordable for working class people, while providing decent public services - I will vote in Council meetings to oppose passing on Tory government cuts to Enfield residents: will any other candidate make this pledge?

I am a 60-year-old local government learning disabilities day centre care worker for another local authority.

A son of Irish immigrant parents, I grew up in a multi-cultural area of north-west London and I have lived in Enfield for the past 25 years, the last 23 years on the same housing estate in Southbury ward.

I am the only Southbury ward candidate who stands for the working class, for socialism and against capitalism.

Jubilee Ward

Lib Dem


Dr Iman Saadoune

Hi, I’m Iman Saadoune and I have lived here in Jubilee ward for 22 years. I’m standing for the Liberal Democrats in the Jubilee Ward Council By-Election because I’m tired of this Council and the way it’s run. This Council doesn’t listen to us. It doesn’t consult us and even when people raise a petition, they find a way to ignore us.

It’s time for this to stop. It’s time for this to change. Here in Jubilee the Council is supporting a new incinerator being built on our doorstep. This will produce pollution and greenhouse gases for at least 25 years. Much of this waste is items that could be recycled. Even if Enfield improves its recycling it will have to import waste to burn. This seems crazy and a complete disincentive to do anything else than just burn recycling and very few people locally seem to know this is happening.

The heat from this burning is being used in part to heat the Councils new development at Meridian Waters. This development is being built on our land and incurring part of a huge debt (over £1 Billion) that the Council is building up in our name. These houses are not being built for people on the Councils housing list, they are being built in a way attractive to buy to let investors. This is not what the Council should be doing.

We need to build truly affordable housing, clean up our air and display financial responsibility for our residents. That is not what this Labour and Conservative Council is doing. If you believe it is time for change then vote for me, Dr Iman Saadoune, for the Jubilee Ward Council By-Election by postal vote or at a polling station on May 6th.

Green Party


Bill Linton

After getting a BA in Maths from Oxford I got in on the ground floor of commercial computing and had a successful career as a freelance analyst/programmer, though I have been retired for several years now. I have lived in Palmers Green for over 40 years.

I have been a member of the Green Party for over 30 years, and an active one for almost 20. Currently I am both Treasurer and Election Agent. I also hold active roles in Enfield & The Barnets United Nations Association, the Enfield Fairtrade Campaign (which I chaired when we achieved Fairtrade Borough status for Enfield in 2008, and do again) and Enfield Palestine Solidarity. I support various other social and environmental justice causes.

I also play both chess and bridge seriously – though currently online only.

The Green Party is known for environmentalism, and of course that is a big part of what we are about, but we will never achieve a stable and safe environment without a stable and safe society. At present everything is arranged for the benefit of the rich and powerful, leading to widening inequality, erosion of human rights and democracy, and a headlong rush to several forms of environmental disaster that threaten the very existence of the human race. I cannot stand idly by without attempting to change this suicidal course.


l jubilee

Chinelo Anyanwu

Labour’s candidate for the Jubilee by election.
Residents in Jubilee ward in Edmonton will have the chance to vote for Labour’s Chinelo Anywanu. Chinelo
grew up and went to school in Edmonton. She is the mother of two young children and runs a small business
with her husband. She understands first-hand the struggles Enfield’s businesses have faced over the past year.
Chinelo is dedicated to building a safer environment for Enfield’s residents by working alongside the police to
tackle knife and youth crime. She has experience working with community groups to develop successful
mentoring schemes and wants to give back to the community she says has given her so much.
Labour’s Leader of Enfield Council, and Jubilee ward Councillor Nesil Caliskan says: ‘Having grown up in
Edmonton, Chinelo is truly committed to the local community and will be a great councillor for Jubilee ward’.



Arben "Benny" Neza

Arben is 45 years old and lives in Edmonton with his partner, where they are bringing up their young family.

He has run his own successful construction company, in Edmonton, for over 16 years.

He attended London Metropolitan University obtaining a degree in International relations and British politics.

“Benny“ is active in his local community and is driven by a desire to help and support others and to build and safeguard a better future for all.

TUSC (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)

Lewis Junilee.jpg

Lewis Peacock, Jubilee ward:

I am a Trade Union representative for RMT on London Underground.

The Tories are pushing through cut-backs to our public transport networks, and Labour are doing nothing to stop them.

We need fully-funded public services, and that means fighting back the government for the resources our communities need.

I have lived in Enfield all my life and have seen the devastation austerity has done to our community.

The money is there but Labour are unwilling to fight for it.

If I am elected I will fight for the funds we need.