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School of Harp

This is what we’re about:

1. Having fun playing music

2. Having fun playing music

And er ... did I mention the fun & playing bit? Yep, they’re quite important. Harp school is all about you and what you want from the harp and music.

Learning in groups, it’s as much about hanging out and being with friends as it is developing a new skill. Build confidence together; Learn together; Create & perform together (in fancy dress if you really want).

The harp doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive with our beginner harps.

You’re never too old to start something new, that’s just silliness and...

There is always time, if you really want to do it. So, definitely make time to pursue your dreams & far-reaching ideas... Then ... Come to harp school and reveal your inner artist, musician, composer, creator, angel and WIZARD! (If this is your childhood dream DOUBLE BONUS

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