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Q.V.G Driving School

QVG Driving School is owned and run by Husband and wife team Martin and Maria Leather.

QVG stands for Quality & Value Guaranteed and that’s exactly what you get with us. We have been helping the residents of Enfield and Barnet get on the road since 1991 and pride ourselves on our professionalism, customer service and reputation.

We have created a unique, copyrighted training programme that yields such amazing first time pass results that we are happy to offer our customers a unique “Triple Guarantee”

1. A money back guarantee. If you are not 100% happy with your first lesson with us we will refund your money, no questions asked!

2. A pass promise. If, for some reason you do not pass your test first time we will pay for your 2nd test!

3. A 2 year driving licence guarantee. You have a 2 hour, Free of charge refresher lesson with your name on it which you can use anytime within the first 2 years after you pass your test!

What other driving school gives you all that?

Offering the choice of Manual or Automatic cars, we specialise in helping nervous drivers and our services are in high demand with limited availability !

If you want QVG to help you get your driving licence call our friendly team NOW on 07956 399 076 . We look forward to speaking with you!


5Star review from 23 reviews

Review 5Star review Big thanks to you Q.V.G. Driving School passed my (manual) driving test first time with Zee my instructor......thanks ....People of Enfield I highly recommend this school if they can teach me having driven on the wrong side of the road .Most of my time driving in the United States they can teach you

Comment graphicSpencer johnson  5 Nov 2019

Couldn't be happier with the service! 5Star review A massive thank you to QVG most of all Emil (instructor) passed second time this morning. Couldn't be happier with the service and how professional he is. Thanks again 😁.

Comment graphicRyan  13 Jul 2019

A big thank you to you and to QVG!! 5Star review Passed first time with Emil as my brilliant instructor - patient, supportive and absolute gentleman! Cannot recommend you highly enough Emil-a big thank you to you and to QVG!!

Comment graphicAnshita  11 Jul 2019

QVG really helped build his confidence with this calm, professional manner and good humour ! 5Star review My husband passed his driving test first time with Emil this week. He was very nervous about learning to drive but Emil was supportive and really helped build his confidence with this calm, professional manner and good humour !

Comment graphicRebecca  11 Jul 2019

Without a doubt I would highly recommend Emil as an instructor! 5Star review I was quite lucky to have Emil as my driving instructor.I passed my test on my First try.He is so nice and patient and built my confidence.Thank you so much for your amazing lessons.Without a doubt I would highly recommend Emil as an instructor!

Comment graphicMartina  9 Jul 2019

🌟THE BEST INSTRUCTOR EVER ! 🌟 5Star review I’m so thankful to Q.V.G driving school and especially to Emil for making me feel so confident and believing in myself ! I just passed my test from 2nd time . 🌟THE BEST INSTRUCTOR EVER ! 🌟 Thank you

Comment graphicDesi  1 Jul 2019

Driving instructor number 4! 5Star review Martin is my 4th driving instructor (all from different schools). I can honestly say that with only a few lessons with him so far, I feel as though I have learnt more than my previous lessons combined. After having such bad experiences with my previous instructors, I come to the conclusion that I hated driving and would never be able to pass my test. After a few lessons with Martin I no longer feel this way. He's very calm and profressional-no raised voices or snappy comments! Martin isn't distracted during lesson and I feel completely safe and assured in the car with him. My growing positive attitude towards driving has suprised my friends and family and that's all thanks to the way in which Martin teaches. I look forward to updating my review once I have passed!

Comment graphicChloe  27 Jun 2019

Even when I was a bit lacking in confidence he was reassuring! 5Star review I passed my test first time this week, just in time to have my second child in a few months. I did an intensive course with Ari, who was patient, flexible and to the point, which I liked and the fact he was a former examiner was a bonus0. He prepared me well for the test, even when I was a bit lacking in confidence he was reassuring and I am so pleased to have passed.

Comment graphicLynne  25 Jun 2019

Thank you for your encouragement and patience. 5Star review I was at my lowest point after failing my test twice with a previous instructor but Michele helped me build my confidence up, encouraged me not to give up.I am 7 months pregnant with all my nervousness , I managed to pass my test today ...the second time with Michele .She even reduced the price of the lessons for me so that I can try a second time and her kindness and confidence in me paid off today .Thank you I highly recommend Michele .Thanks to Martin for your quick response to my enquiries and pairing me up with Michele,I'm very grateful. Abigail Sadler

Comment graphicAbigail Sadler  21 Jan 2019

Refresher lessons 5Star review Hi I’ve recently had refresher lessons with Michele at Q.V.G and I couldn’t recommend her enough. I’ve had so many lessons with instructors to build my confidence as I had never actually driven alone since passing my test 8 years ago. 2 weeks with Michele and I was off. Michele wanted to get to the bottom of my nerves, negative thoughts and fears. Once exposed she showed me how there was no need to worry and that I was perfectly capable and most of all SAFE, which was one of my biggest doubts. She went out of her way to encourage & support me and I felt that she genuinely cared and wanted me to do well. Not only that she’s very down to earth and easy to get in with, making each lesson enjoyable. Thanks Michele ****Highly recommend ****

Comment graphicKelly Webster  23 Dec 2018

QVG driving school 5Star review Hi all. I would like to share my experience of the wonderful QVG driving school. I rarely put posts on social media, but I feel that Enfield should know about these guys! I recently learned to drive with QVG. Not only have Martin and Maria brought a career's worth of teaching experience, wisdom and very useful tips on exactly how the driving test works, they also have a lovely, natural way with people - making you at once feel at ease and helping to calm nerves. I was a terrified learner. I had had lessons with the AA which left me feeling pretty useless and believing that I would never be able to drive. Starting lessons with Martin was a game changer. Very quickly I began to relax, I then began to actually enjoy lessons (which was a surprise!) and I started to really see myself as a driver. Martin has a way of making things make sense and information sink in. I know from friends who are being taught by other QVG instructors that the same teaching ethos applies throughout the school - with patience, encouragement and clear teaching at the core. I would highly recommend QVG to all nervous and non-nervous learners! QVG is listed on Love your Doorstep.

Comment graphicChlloe Hillier  18 Dec 2018

Driving lesson 5Star review Can not recommend Martin and his team more . There’s no hidden cost so it’s easy to budget. We were kept informed of our sons progress by the instructor but also with a handy tick list that he takes to every lesson so we know what he has done . We feel confident that the lessons he has had are top class and I have recommended the company to friends and family

Comment graphicHannah ward  13 Dec 2018

Refresher Driving Lessons 5Star review Maria and Martin helped my daughter regain her confidence after a period of several years not driving; she felt comfortable with Maria immediately, and appreciated her pacing the lessons to suit her needs. She is now happily driving her own car

Comment graphicClaire Hill  3 Nov 2018

5Star review I cant recommend the quality and friendliness of QVG enough. Both Martin and Maria are amazing driving instructors who really care about their pupils. Both my daughters learnt to drive with them and thoroughly enjoyed their engaging and informative lessons. They both went on to pass their driving test 1st time which showed the level of their teaching. If you are thinking about learning to drive QVG are an excellent choice.

Comment graphicLauren Solomon  5 Aug 2018

5Star review I am currently learning to drive with QVG. I previously had many lessons with another driving school, but starting lessons with Martin has been a total game changer. He is a brilliant teacher. His patience and encouragement have enabled me to get past my profound fear of driving and to progress, and for the first time I can actually see myself as a future driver. It is clear that Martin has many years teaching experience - his is calm, clear and thorough, and has a way of making things sink in. I actually look forward to lessons now - I never thought I’d say that!

Comment graphicChloe  5 Aug 2018

artin's patience, support and excellent tuition made learning to drive feel very comfortable 5Star review "I highly recommend QVG Driving School and my instructor Martin. Martin's patience, support and excellent tuition made learning to drive feel very comfortable and secure, and he was incredibly helpful in showing me how to get ready for my test which I passed today with very few driving faults. Thank you Martin"

Comment graphicBeste Devecil  5 Aug 2018

0 faults on my driving test all thanks to Martin! 5Star review I initially had some lessons with AA and then with Martin and I couldn't have wished for a better instructor. He knew the test routes and was very patient with me and also simplified a lot of parking techniques which other driving schools probably don't do. I felt myself getting more confident on the road and really learning how to drive without stressing. Managed to get 0 faults on my driving test all thanks to Martin! Would definitely recommend.

Comment graphicRose  5 Aug 2018

Thanks Martin you're a STAR!!! 5Star review As a very nervous pupil i was so happy that my mum recommended Martin to teach me to drive. He made me feel relaxed and more importantly gave me the confidence to pass my test. Thanks Martin you're a STAR!!!

Comment graphicTan Mullah  5 Aug 2018

I soon gained the confidence I needed, and passed first time! 5Star review Maria is a super driving instructor, could not recommend her enough! I had no confidence when I first started driving, but Maria soon made me feel at ease, and very comfortable. I soon gained the confidence I needed, and passed first time! Thank you once again! �

Comment graphicLauren Challis  5 Aug 2018

Martyn was an extremely professional and thorough teacher 5Star review I used QVG driving school from Summer 16 and passed first time in November 16 with only 3 minors. Martyn was an extremely professional and thorough teacher and ensured every lesson we covered each technicality with detail so I felt fully prepared going into my test. Highly recommended

Comment graphicChristina Paps  5 Aug 2018

Thanks for being an amazing instructor Maria! 5Star review Couldn't recommend QVG Driving School more!! My driving instructor Maria made sure that i understood exactly how to pass the test and also how to be a good and safe driver. Maria is really patient and undertanding. She highlighted my weak points correctly and we worked on polishing them up. Thanks for being an amazing instructor Maria and i will definitely be recommending you to anyone who wants to learn!

Comment graphicZubair  27 Jul 2018

I am so happy that you taught me to drive 5Star review I started driving lessons with my instructor after finding him on the internet. I got a call from him and started lessons with him fairly quickly after that. I found him to be very friendly and extremely patient , especially as I am a very nervous driver. I had tried numerous different driving schools and instructors and never felt they could take me to the level to be able to pass my driving test . I am so happy that I found Martin he is an excellent instructor and after years of trying I have finally passed my driving test all thanks to him. I highly recommend him personally and his school. I finally have the confidence to drive something I thought I would never be able to do. Thanks Martin, I am so happy that you taught me to drive.

Comment graphicAnna Agaraj  27 Jul 2018

He did such a good job that I got him to teach my son 5Star review Annette - I spent more than 20 years trying to learn to drive and had several different instructors. Martin was the only one who made me believe i could do it. He made things so simple and easy and i really enjoyed learning with him. He did such a good job that I got him to teach my son Tan to drive. Martin is great an I would recommend anyone to use QVG Driving School, they are the BEST !!!!!

Comment graphicAnnette Mullah  27 Jul 2018