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Robin Somerville - Barrister

I am a Barrister and Mediator that helps businesses, organisations, business people and professionals resolve all their legal problems and disputes. I grew up and have lived in Enfield all my life.

Written testimonials from clients about my work as a barrister include:

“extremely impressive... no hesitation in instructing Robin again”, “Fabulous result… could not have gone much more favourably… The client will be over the moon”, “A fantastic result”, “Robin is a true professional… delivered extremely quickly. Highly skilled, insightful and thorough”, “excellent value and service.”, “Thank you and wow what a result!”, “you have been exceptional”, “not just a casual testimony but a recommendation of the highest order.”

And as a mediator:

“Thank you so much for yesterday, you are without doubt the best. I am so grateful that you persevered”, “sensitive and professional leadership of the mediation” , "I heard today that you were great! …it is great to be proven wrong [that it would be unsuccessful]", “thoughtful, observant and a positive contributor to the process”, “supported me through a tough and complex situation and I would not have achieved the settlement that I did without his tenacity”, “a diligent and reliable professional” , “invaluable”, “perceptive, thorough and inclusive”.

I have a very different, relevant and valuable background to other lawyers.

Prior to qualifying in law, I was a money market trader in the City of London before setting up, growing and successfully selling three technology start-up businesses. For over 13 years I was an equity holding director of one of the UK’s leading online price comparison sites. I was previously chair of the board of an educational establishment and a non-exec and audit chair of a large NHS organisation that commissions over £500 million of healthcare services for over 369,000 patients.

This wider experience benefits clients as I share the legal, practical and commercial lessons I have acquired in insolvency, general commercial, technology, professional and general regulation and employment situations. Legal knowledge is cheap and easy to come by. Strategy, judgement and trust separates good lawyers from great lawyers.

I assist clients by advising and representing them, helping them settle their differences consensually or by deciding the outcome for them. As a barrister, arbitrator, mediator, ombudsman, investigator, regulatory panel chair and panel member of various kinds I have been involved in over 1,000 cases spanning more than 16 years.

I am repeatedly complimented by clients for my professional style, focus on problem solving and finding solutions to legal issues and disputes. I am at my best at times when clients are facing crisis or radical change where they benefit from my judgement, strategic and analytical focus and calm approach.

My practise is focused on:
- Insolvency
- General commercial
- Shareholder and board disputes
- Technology
- Professional Regulation, Conduct & Discipline
- Employment
- General Regulatory/Quasi-crime

Telephone: 020 8242 4106
Skype: robinsomerville
Twitter: robinsomerville


5Star review from 2 reviews

Excellent Legal Help and Advice 5Star review I can't thank Robin enough. My neighbours and I had fought long and hard for a development to be turned down and were shocked when it went through without even going to committee. I commissioned a surveyor's report and needed a letter sent to the developer as the builders had damaged my property. Every solicitor I spoke to was exteremly patronising, started quoting me tens of thousands of pounds and warned me I probably couldn't afford it! All I wanted at this stage was a formal letter reminding the developer of his legal obligations. Robin was a breath of fresh air. He was friendly, professional and reassuring as he explained the legal options, and that he would rather try conciliation and to sort things amicably in the first instance. His fee was extremely reasonable and his letter did the trick. Within two days, the developer had responded, visited and was apologetic. He has paid my costs, offered to repair and more the damage to my property and is doing what he can to lessen the impact on the surrounding properties, including putting in landscaping to retain privacy in my garden. If only Enfield Planning was as helpful and responsive - but that's another story! Thanks again Robin.

Comment graphicAnna A  7 Mar 2019

Thanks for making a simple job painless! 5Star review My wife and I needed some papers witnessed by a legal professional. Our existing solicitor is some distance away, so we put a request for recommendation out on LYDS. Robin offered to come to our home at a convenient time to witness 3 documents, and to explain what we were signing. His fee was very reasonable, and his service was both prompt and professional. I'm sure it was the simplest job of his day, and it made our task far simpler too. Thanks, Robin! Joe Bailey

Comment graphicJoe Bailey  1 Feb 2019