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Address Southgate Library, High Street

Post CodeN14 6BP

Accel Tuition

Accel Tuition is a leading tuition centre running in Southgate and Online. Founded by two professional tutors Mehdi and Piranavan that have graduated with top tier degrees from University College London and Imperial College London respectively. They are on a mission to providing a first-class education to the next generation of students. We aim to maximise the potential of each and every one of our students. We work with students from 11+ up to Year 13, preparing them for elite universities We are firm believers at Accel Tuition in the philosophy that great teachers have achieved outstanding grades for themselves. ✦✦ SERVICES ✦✦ • Highly experienced tutors and mentors that have achieved A/A* in their subjects, all are Oxbridge, UCL, LSE or Imperial College London educated • Specialist in producing A/A* results in Mathematics and Sciences exams. • Customised study plan created and regular feedback given to maximise results ✦✦ SERVICES ✦✦ I. High Intensity Online Group Tuition II. High Intensity Group Tuition at Southgate Library III. High Intensity One to One Online Tuition ✦✦ EDUCATION LEVEL✦✦  11+ Catering for Mathematics, English, Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning)  KS3 (Year 7-9), Catering for Mathematics & Sciences  GCSE (Year 10-11)  A-level (Year 12-13) ✦✦ SPECIALISTS IN STEM SUBJECTS✦✦  Mathematics  Further Mathematics  Physics  Chemistry  Biology ✦✦ EXAM BOARDS CATERED✦✦  Edexcel  OCR  OCR MEI  WJEC  AQA Please fill in the form on this link to receive a copy of our prospectus:


5Star review from 11 reviews

GCSE Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics 5Star review My son has been attending lessons for quite a while now, and I have seen massive improvement in his performance in sciences as well as his attitude towards those subjects. The tutors are very enthusiastic in their teaching, really open to any questions that my son has, as well as very friendly.

Comment graphicSayed Ahsan  1 Mar 2021

11+ Mathematics, GCSE Mathematics, GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry, GCSE Physics 5Star review Excellent teaching style and great teachers all professional and enjoy teaching children. Both my children really enjoy there teaching.

Comment graphicAndrieca Das  1 Mar 2021

KS3 Mathematics & Sciences, GCSE Mathematics, GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry 5Star review Accel Tuition accommodates all ages/levels of education. They have encouraged and inspired my younger daughter to achieve higher grades in both Science and Maths. While helping my older son navigate his way through his GCSE's during this testing time! He is now already starting to progress on to the A'level subjects to put him in good stead for next year. They are flexible where possible and good value for the service they provide. Often providing their young students with academic advise outside their remit ... I would highly recommend...

Comment graphicLisa Risoli  1 Mar 2021

AL Mathematics, AL Biology, AL Chemistry, GCSE Mathematics, GCSE Chemistry, GCSE Biology 5Star review The Accel Tuition team have kept my children challenged and motivated in the core subjects Maths and Sciences during the very difficult time of lockdown. Their engagement, passion and enthusiasm for teaching is a key part of the teams success in making hard work easy - thank you!

Comment graphicDawn Wilkinson  1 Mar 2021

GCSE Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics 5Star review The support of teachers at Accel Tuition is just beneficial, ongoing and constructive. We have been impressed with their teaching from the beginning. The teachers are absolute expert in their subject and they know how to engage students. My son has improved a lot beaten his target grades. I highly recommend Accel Tuition for the ones who want to be successful at their exams.

Comment graphicCeyda Coskun  1 Mar 2021

GCSE Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics 5Star review I am very impressed with the way study material was delivered. The tutors are very professional, polite and teach the students to think. They have been very easy to communicate with. My daughter feels more confident in her abilities and really enjoyed all the lessons. She said all the tutors were outstanding. I Highly recommended their service!

Comment graphicKrasi Naneva  1 Mar 2021

KS3 Mathematics & Sciences 5Star review I like the teaching style in ACCEL tuition. The fast paced yet in depth teaching is able to cover many topics with full understanding. Any questions from the students are answered in full detail. The exam questions given help boost confidence with exam work. I am very happy as a parent with the teaching, would definitely recommend to friends!

Comment graphicSangetha Balakrishnan  23 Feb 2021

GCSE Mathematics 5Star review I would definitely recommended Accel Tuition to friends & family as my child found her tuition with Piranavan very helpful, he explained things properly & thoroughly. He was always happy to go over what she needed. The group sessions are also competitively priced.

Comment graphicSara Corchia  23 Feb 2021

11+ Mathematics & English 5Star review The lessons are great and in depth. The tutors provide an atmosphere where the children are able to learn well. It’s really high quality, really understandable and the lesson is always really enjoyable and intense. I would definitely recommend it to someone who is looking for improvement.

Comment graphicKate Harrison  23 Feb 2021

AL Mathematics, AL Biology, AL Chemistry 5Star review Really amazing! I'm really appreciative of Accel Tuition's help with my son's university application as well as improving his confidence in Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry. Now, he has received an offer to study Biochemistry at Imperial College London. Accel Tuition made the process of making a personal statement more easier and clear. Again, thank you for all the support.

Comment graphicTeresa Mclean  23 Feb 2021

GCSE Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics 5Star review The tutors are excellent and they do make sure the children understand before moving on to another topic. Homework is set too a high standard preparing the child for the future. My children are now on top sets achieving grade 8/9 and with the help of Accel they made the subjects fun for the kids to understand and have turned it round for my children who now enjoy Maths and all the science subjects. Give them five stars. Value for money and time. 👍👏🏆

Comment graphicVimal Shah  23 Feb 2021