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Address 1386 High Road

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BlueBox Coaching & Consultancy

BlueBox Coaching & Consultancy Coaching I want to challenge you to be better than your best. Very often we just need a little more courage to face our self-doubts and limiting beliefs, to go after that one thing that we have always dreamt, or to take that leap of faith to step forward to an unfamiliar horizon. That’s why and when you need a life coach, someone professionally trained and genuinely cares to encourage and guide you through the clouds and webs in your life. While it is okay to feel not ready yet and wait a little longer, just be mindful not to let that a little turn into a lifetime. Consultancy It’s not just great tasting feel-good food that we offer at BlueBox, we provide quality intellectual property (IP), technology transfer, and business consultancy and support. With over 20 years of solid experience in the legal industry and specializing in IP and IT laws in Asia, Bernie (the owner of BlueBox) feels that she is in a unique position to use her knowledge to genuinely help people who need it. She wanted BlueBox to not only offer good food but also be a place where UK entrepreneurs, SMEs, young designers and young scientists looking to operate in or expand to China or Asia could come to get guidance and advice at affordable rates. All she wants is to help UK businesses avoid expensive legal and business pitfalls when setting up shop here and when expanding into China and Asia post-Brexit.
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