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Community Patrol March 2019

Community Patrol Project

A community lead project with Love Your Doorstep, Our local policing team, Enfield Boys Grammar School, The Enfield Town Retailers Association, & Metro Bank

March 2019: Update on Community Patrol Initiative.

The meeting held at Enfield Boys Grammar School last week was very successful with over 50 potential volunteers turning up to find out more. Following the meeting a WhatsApp group has been set up and Love Your Doorstep is looking after the administration of the scheme as the Rota and paperwork is all completed.

There is still time to get involved in the scheme. We want it to grow and become sustainable within the Enfield Community.

This is an opportunity for people to get involved in active citizenship to be extra eyes and ears for our police force as well as keep an eye out to make sure children walking home from school are ok.

Please sign up here sign up here

We will get you registered to the database and arrange to add you into the WhatsApp group. The community patrol officially starts on Monday 11th March.

Any queries please email: [email protected]

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We are pleased to be launching an initiative bought about through a meeting at Enfield Boys Grammar School hosted by Head Teacher Mr Chris Lamb. Mr Lamb has communicated out to parents his concerns about crime in our local area and what he will be doing to safe guard the children who attend The Grammar School.

During the meeting parents mentioned they would like to help and be move involved in a parent patrolling rota which will consist of volunteers who will help in the way of an adult presence in an around Enfield town during school morning lunch and home times.

Love Your Doorstep, The Enfield Town Business Retailers Association, Our Local Policing Team & Metro Bank have teamed up to help this initiative happen.

We are calling all community members who would like to be part of the scheme to

sign up here

We will be pulling together a list of adults who would like to be involved in the scheme to help keep our children safe during this uncertain time. We will be hosting a meeting in the coming weeks and will email everyone who signs up to the list. You do not have to just be a parent or career, and this will not just be to help with children from Grammar school. It will be ears and eyes to help protect our young people in conjunction with our local policing team.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at Crime prevention scheme

Published: Jan. 31, 2019