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Community Patrol March 2019

Community Patrol Project

A community-led project with Love Your Doorstep, Our local policing team, Enfield Boys Grammar School, The Enfield Town Retailers Association, & Metro Bank


June 2019 update.

The Enfield Town Community Patrol has now been running for 3 months and has proved to be a big success within the community. It was always our intention to open up communication channels and work with the local police, businesses, schools and the community.

We have a great bunch of volunteers who help from parents, community members and even grandparents. Its a positive project and is making a difference in regards to crime rates being down and kids feeling safer!

Again we would like to thank Mr Chris Lamb, the Head Teacher of Enfield Grammar School for his constant positivity and support, and for listening to his parents who wanted to help.

We are now looking for more volunteers to join us.

Here is an overview of the volunteer job.

Community Patrols are not new, there are many active patrols across the county.

Every Community Patrol group is different because each is owned and run by the people of its community. Members of the public and their neighbours come together to make their area a safe and pleasant place to live.

Groups decide what measures to take because they know what their community needs best. Local groups also draw on support from police, local authorities, the voluntary sector and other volunteers.

Volunteers of the community led Street patrol must be 18 years or older.

Our community-led initiative based on street patrols is carried out by members of the public with no police powers. This is a positive initiative to help keep the children safe to and from school at lunchtimes and after school.

Patrol groups are managed by a Love your doorstep coordinator who keeps a volunteer list and provides advice, guidance and support in consultation with the local police and other services.

Volunteers patrol in pairs and register each patrol on a google form. You are not to patrol alone – we work as part of a team to provide a high visibility patrol capacity, maintaining public confidence and assurance through resource presence, reducing the fear of crime for the children and community, assisting in the prevention and reduction of incidents of crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour whilst promoting community safety for children at school lunch times & after school.

If volunteers spot suspicious activity they should report it to the police but not get involved for non-emergencies dial 101. If you see an incident such as a robbery call 999 , if you can without putting yourself in danger retain as much information as you can as this is valuable to the police; such things like height, clothes, age etc – where an incident has happened please be supportive to the victim, maybe contacting a family member or waiting with them until the police arrive. Please remember not to put yourself in danger at any point.

Actively seek community information and intelligence to build a picture of local activity, making accurate and timely submissions of actionable intelligence on criminal activity, anti-social behaviour and vulnerability – information can be collated and given to the police.

Practical tips

Collection of Hi Visabilty tops can be collected when you arrive for patrol

Clock in and off your patrol and upload any notes you have taken.

Wear soft comfortable shoes and clothing.

Make sure you have your phone on you.

To be a part of the patrol please sign up here sign up here

We will get you registered to the database and arrange to add you into the WhatsApp group. [email protected]

The patrol will be expanding to other areas of the borough. If you live in Southgate, Palmers Green or Highlands please also register your interest.

Patrol 3

March 2019: Update on Community Patrol Initiative.

The meeting held at Enfield Boys Grammar School last week was very successful with over 50 potential volunteers turning up to find out more. Following the meeting a WhatsApp group has been set up and Love Your Doorstep is looking after the administration of the scheme as the Rota and paperwork is all completed.

There is still time to get involved in the scheme. We want it to grow and become sustainable within the Enfield Community.

This is an opportunity for people to get involved in active citizenship to be extra eyes and ears for our police force as well as keep an eye out to make sure children walking home from school are ok.

Please sign up here sign up here

We will get you registered to the database and arrange to add you into the WhatsApp group. The community patrol officially starts on Monday 11th March.

Any queries please email: [email protected]


We are pleased to be launching an initiative bought about through a meeting at Enfield Boys Grammar School hosted by Head Teacher Mr Chris Lamb. Mr Lamb has communicated out to parents his concerns about crime in our local area and what he will be doing to safe guard the children who attend The Grammar School.

During the meeting parents mentioned they would like to help and be move involved in a parent patrolling rota which will consist of volunteers who will help in the way of an adult presence in an around Enfield town during school morning lunch and home times.

Love Your Doorstep, The Enfield Town Business Retailers Association, Our Local Policing Team & Metro Bank have teamed up to help this initiative happen.

We are calling all community members who would like to be part of the scheme to

sign up here

We will be pulling together a list of adults who would like to be involved in the scheme to help keep our children safe during this uncertain time. We will be hosting a meeting in the coming weeks and will email everyone who signs up to the list. You do not have to just be a parent or career, and this will not just be to help with children from Grammar school. It will be ears and eyes to help protect our young people in conjunction with our local policing team.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at Crime prevention scheme

Published: Jan. 31, 2019