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What To Do Now

“What To Do Now”

A new exciting platform for students, parents, guardians and schools

An exciting new platform for young people is due to launch on 3rd November at a UK Careers Event being hosted at Tottenham Hotspurs.

With young people across the U.K struggling to identify or acquire the skills needed for today’s job market, which in turn is contributing to a national skills gap and exacerbating youth unemployment, the new “What To Do Now” platform is looking to equip students’ parents and guardians of young people, with valuable knowledge all in one place.

The platform will house – Jobs, volunteering, work experience, education, training & co -curricular opportunities, as well as events and a knowledge base to help unstitch the complicated world of education and pathways to employment. The project will introduce mentors to help young people and their parents and guardians navigate through the choices they need to make and support them through the ups and downs of searching for new opportunities.

Many young people along with their parents and guardians do not have the experience or networks to guide and support them through the choices they need to make to find their path from school to further education and to the world of work.

There are also too many young people with absolutely no support and find themselves increasingly excluded from opportunities. The core aim of What to Do Now is to work with employers, educators and community organisations to change hearts and minds to find new ways to offer support and to look deeper at the talent that is too often missed in traditional recruitment.

The platform has been created by Love your Doorstep Community CIC and is led by Emma Rigby - the award-winning Love Your Doorstep Founder and Paul Everitt - The Head of Community Infrastructure, Art and Culture for Love Your Doorstep Community CIC.

Emma said “Young people aged 15-24 years old who are unable to identify which skills they need for future employment opportunities will hopefully find just what they need on “What To Do Now. We have been building the concept for over 12 months and in doing so have identified just how much this is needed.

The team will be working across the board with different partners, bringing together charities, community organisations, training providers and businesses to work together for the future of our young people.

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Published: Oct. 20, 2022