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Location London

Matt Richards Computer Solutions

Matt Richards, locally based computer repair business, specialises in PC, Mac and Laptop repairs, Fault finding, data transfer and recovery, increasing performance of PC, laptop or Mac, installing programs, anti virus etc, laptop screen replacements, computer, Mac & laptop clean, strip and rebuilds


5Star review from 74 reviews

Brilliant service 5Star review Several people recommended Mathew so I contacted him. He responded immediately and fixed my computer within a couple days. Now I know why others recommended him...and so will I now. Top man... 10/10

Comment graphicPat  28 Nov 2019

The best 5Star review Matt is an absolute gem. I contacted him after trying every which way to access the images on CD from a hospital (I’m a Mac user). He very quickly suggested a programme that might do the trick. It did. I had expected to hand my computer and a significant amount of money over for this job. Matt charged me nothing - his advice came by text and he said advice is free! He’s clearly a man of integrity. If I need computer help again, he’s the first person I’ll contact and I’ll certainly be recommending him. Very many thanks, Matt.

Comment graphicBobbie  5 Oct 2019

Apple Mac Laptop 5Star review Great service from Matthew. Good communication. Very fast service and am happy to have my laptop back and working beautifully

Comment graphicNatasha Harvey  3 Oct 2019

Thank you! 5Star review Thank you so much for bringing my laptop back to life. You are absolutely amazing! I gave you a laptop with dementia nad I received the laptop faster than when I first purchased it. Thanks Matt.

Comment graphicAyse Adil  2 Sep 2019

Fixing Paystation 5Star review Mathew was brilliant - I would definitely recommend him! He was really quick to respond and booked us in for the repair really efficently. The repair required soldering the power supply back onto the mother board and he completed it really quickly and was really resonable in price! Thanks so much - my household is now happy!

Comment graphicLiz Hammond  28 Aug 2019

Great job, Great Guy 5Star review We love using other doorsteppers!! Matt was great, he upgraded all our machines for us. He did all 4 within 4 days he is Friendly and reliable. Thanks Matt without your help would would have been struggling.

Comment graphicSpeedyfit  25 Jul 2019

Laptop repair 5Star review Wow, wow, wow... excellent service again, I wouldn't go anywhere else! Asus laptop cleaned up, info retrieved reset to factory, absolutely amazing All done in 24 hours and not expensive Highly recommend Matt always friendly, great advice and certainly wont con you A totally trustworthy man

Comment graphicKatie smith  8 Jul 2019

Laptop repair 5Star review Excellent job done on a Sunday! Great communication with Matthew, friendly and professional approach.. Highly recommended

Comment graphicHana  14 Apr 2019

Laptop 5Star review The mans a genius thank you so much .made an oap very happy .Bless you

Comment graphicJoan ash  11 Mar 2019

Laptops 5Star review We recently bought a laptop from Mathew Richards. I was completely satisfied with the laptop also with Mathews helpful and friendly manner. He was both professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend him

Comment graphicMaria  12 Feb 2019

Sony Vaio / broken hinge repair 5Star review Matt was recommended on LYDS. Contacted him and he has repaired my laptop and left it like new! All within a few days - including ordering parts! Great service - thanks Matt!

Comment graphicJoanie Mansfield  15 Dec 2018

Laptop Repair 5Star review I have Sony Vaio and the power socket hinge had become detached and therefore laptop kept losing power. People on LYDS recommended Matt so I called and took it it in; he ordered necessary parts and repaired for me in a couple of days! I am delighted! My laptop is like new! Thanks Matt!

Comment graphicJoanie  15 Dec 2018

Laptop repair 5Star review Ask Matt to fix my hp laptop. I dropped it off at 3:30pm and it was fixed by 4:30pm. Highly recommended and very reasonable pricing.

Comment graphicAiden Carter  29 Oct 2018

Refurbished laptop 5Star review Delighted with Mathew Richards. Bought a refurbished laptop from him at a good price and was delighted with the work he’d done on it, it’s completely set up ready to go and in great condition.

Comment graphicClaudia Deutschmann  27 Jul 2018

5Star review Thanks to Matt for helpful advice this morning for both my PC and husband's surface pro.

Comment graphicJacqui Hall  2 Jun 2018

Quick reliable service 5Star review Thanks very much Matt will be 100% using you again

Comment graphicPaul  20 May 2018

PC repair 5Star review Thanks for fixing my pc and for the superb service.

Comment graphicChris Daniels  15 Apr 2018

iMac Repair 5Star review Our iMac hadn’t worked properly for years but Mathew brought it back to life and gave good advice - Thank You!!

Comment graphicLynne Yazgan  15 Apr 2018

super service 5Star review Another big thank you to Matt and Panay Richards for a prompt and reliable service. Matt has resurrected my laptop yet again. if anybody has issues with their laptop or pc then he is surely the man to fix it.

Comment graphicash  23 Mar 2018

Excellent Service 5Star review Left a message on phone and Matthew replied within half an hour. Laptop fixed the same day. Advice given to me and very confident of the brilliant service.

Comment graphicLinda Hogg  23 Mar 2018

Highly recommend 5Star review Matt installed a Solid State Drive for me, cleaned and checked my PC. Fantastic job and very quick service. Would recommend to anyone with a computer problem.

Comment graphicColin  9 Feb 2018

5Star review Matt fixed my poorly computer which wouldn't boot up. A new hard drive with no loss of data and a clean-up and it is amazing; so much faster than before. Thank you so much

Comment graphicMelissa  7 Nov 2017

Highly recommend 5Star review Had an issue with my parents' HP laptop; the charging cable randomly stopped fitting in the charging port, so we sought help on LYDS. My mum took the laptop to Matt and the problem was resolved in 10 minutes - the charging jack was battered inside! All it needed was a new charger, provided by Matt for just £15. Definitely recommend this chap for any PC problems - gadget/electronic shops would probably have charged much more and suggested unnecessary repairs. Thanks again!

Comment graphicJo Newman  28 Oct 2017

Excellent customer service 5Star review Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Matt to anyone who has computer issues. At short notice Matt help me to gain access to my laptop that had locked me out. Everything sorted overnight with no loss of data etc. He also cleaned everything up so it now runs a lot fast and smoother.

Comment graphicTim Pearce  24 Sep 2017

Excellent service 5Star review Fantastic service, Thank you. Not only was my laptop cleaned inside and out, it was checked for viruses and malware removed, all within a 2 hour turn-around time. Great advice given. Will definitely be coming back. Thank you Matt

Comment graphicAudrey  8 Sep 2017

laptop repair 5Star review one day turnaround (on a Saturday aswell }} for my wifes water damaged laptop,new screen, new anti virus,cleaned, data saved and now runs as smooth as a babys bum and at very reasonable cost.Matt your a star.

Comment graphicPhil HUCKLE  28 Jul 2017

5Star review Excellent, speedy service and great value for money. Thank you Matt!

Comment graphicKate Smith  6 Jul 2017

5Star review 100% recommend Matt. I emailed him late on Friday night about my broken laptop and he had it fixed by Sunday at such a reasonable price and did a fantastic job! Thank you Matt

Comment graphicJenny Keable  18 Apr 2017

Computer repairs 5Star review Cannot recommend Matthew enough. Both my computer and my husband's died. He fixed them both in super quick time.

Comment graphicCarol Eades  29 Mar 2017

Lap top repairs 5Star review Mathew fixed a laptop and external hard drive for me and backed everything up. Really quick service, reasonable priced and he's a genuinely nice guy too.

Comment graphicSally McNeill  22 Feb 2017

USB stick 5Star review Excellent service so fast can't believe he managed to save all my daughters work : thank you soooo much will definitely be passing your name onto other people

Comment graphicMichele Iontton  9 Feb 2017

Fast and friendly service 5Star review I would highly recommend Mathew for any computer issues. I posted a call for help on LYDS on a Sunday evening and by Tuesday evening Mathew had got my laptop back to me in perfect working order. A really fast, friendly and value for money service.

Comment graphicNicole Naylor  19 Oct 2016

Corrupt Data 5Star review I bought 2 TB memory sticks, thinking that such a thing existed.One of them became corrupt.I was referred to Matthew. It took him a few attempts to extract most of the data, some of which were photographs of family. He did so successfully and gave me such sound advice on buying these devices.Aside from data recovery he does laptop repairs and recondition computers.Very friendly and offers great service.

Comment graphicAnjani  12 Oct 2016

Laptop Repair 5Star review Thanks Matt , Brilliant , Friendly and Very Helpful . My laptop is like new . Can't recommend enough

Comment graphicSue  8 Jun 2016

Definitely "Mr Computer Solutions"! 5Star review I contacted Matt because I had bought a second-hand laptop that had seen active service, and was a bit the worse for wear... Matt refurbished the equipment, replaced a missing key and a damaged power supply, copied the photos on to a CD and cleaned the keyboard so well it actually looked like a new laptop! A personal collection and delivery was also arranged. Highly recommended. Thanks again, Matt and Panay!

Comment graphicKay  15 Mar 2016

Repair 5Star review Fantastic fast repair. Communicated throughout and fixed my sons computer in 24 hours can not recommend highly enough!

Comment graphicSarah Bloomfield  7 Mar 2016

5Star review No wonder Panay calls Matt the 'pc whisperer'. He has saved me hours in wasted man-hours by making my 5 year old laptop as good as new - it's fast again and doesn't hang. The delightful bit of his service were the extras I received outside of my immediate problem. Thank you Matt!

Comment graphicUzo Ijewere  7 Mar 2016

Top notch 5Star review I'd just like to big up Matthew Mathew Richards Computer Solutions if I may. Matt rescued a laptop for me at the weekend, in double quick time I might add. I won't go into the details here, but he always goes above and beyond the call of duty for people and I reckon there are loads of people out there who should call him rather than simply take a trip to PC World to get theirs fixed or buy a new one!

Comment graphicAndy Chamberlain  19 Oct 2015

Laptop repair 5Star review Took my 7yr old much loved laptop to him with no mouse, blue screen and serious overheating issue, really though he would say he couldn't repair it, but he worked his magic and now have my laptop back with a new lease of life, works like new. First class service, kept me informed every step of the way, highly recommend

Comment graphicBridget  7 Sep 2015

Fixed my iMac! 5Star review Amazing same day service. No time wasting or pretence. Just simply fixed it without any issues. I would def recommend him without any hesitation and would use his services again although I hope I won't have to :) thanks Matt

Comment graphicFiliz miles  28 Jul 2015

Fantastic service 5Star review Matt is an absolute rockstar! I couldn't access the Internet which was a major issue as I work online.He replied to my email in less than an hour and had be back up and running that evening,I would thoroughly recommend Matt to anyone looking for great service at a good price.

Comment graphicAndy Steele  6 Jul 2015

Lap top 5Star review Thank you Matthew Richards for an efficient and excellent service. My lap top now runs as good as new and I'm very happy about that.

Comment graphicMaria Antoniou  11 Jun 2015

Live Saver! 5Star review After suddenly finding my laptop had been hacked, Matt was able to a) reassure me and b) fix things immediately.He cheerfully and thoroughly went through everything, made sure all was OK and then gave me lots of extra tips and advice. This is a no-brainer - if you are stuck, go to this man - you absolutely will not regret it!

Comment graphicJanet Efere  22 Apr 2015

Amazing service-laptop like new 5Star review After seeing all the posts promoting Matt Richards Computer Solutions Ltd on LYDS, I thought to fix our computer which had lots of errors and was very slow. I am extremely impressed with Matt’s service. From the beginning he made me feel at ease that he could fix it. He communicated with me throughout and not only did he fix the slowness and errors, without deleting any data, he fixed the fact that it did not charge without being plugged in and added software to stop viruses. I will definitely be using Matt Richards Computer Solutions Ltd for any computer needs. His communication and reassurance was greatly appreciated.

Comment graphicHelen  30 Mar 2015

Laptop repair 5Star review Excellent service from a very calm data lost and I now have a smooth running lap top. Thanks Matt!

Comment graphicRuth  9 Feb 2015

TOP PC Doctor 5Star review I needed my PC dealt with urgently so I called Panay (she is the admin person in this business) and within a couple of hours I had my laptop given in and within 20 minutes it was sorted...100% Highly recommended.

Comment graphicStavros michaelides  3 Feb 2015

Recondition Laptop 5Star review Not something l would normally do! but have enough confidence and trust in Matthew to purchase a recondition Laptop from him.And Thank you for all your help in sorting my other laptop out!

Comment graphicSandra Harnett  19 Sep 2014

SuperMatt 5Star review Huge props to Matt Mathew Richards for doing a really neat rapid temporary fix on my laptop this evening to get me out of a deadline disaster! Don't delay your PC repairs like I did, get Matt to look at them sooner rather than later. It'll be cheaper than you would expect.

Comment graphicAndy Chamberlain  11 Aug 2014

5Star review I needed advice rather than any kind of repair and I was very impressed with Matt's very quick and friendly response to my problem. Not only did he make a recommendation to me, but within a few minutes he had sent me a link to exactly the item I needed for my laptop. I did not have to search and hope it was the right thing, all I needed to do was click on the link he sent me and buy the item and within a couple of days I had the replacement battery I needed. Over time, I have also become aware that not only is Matt's knowledge very extensive, ie there doesn't seem to be anything he doesn't know about laptops and everything related to them, but his willingness to help is also tremendous, even when he has nothing financially to gain.I would highly recommend Matt for absolutely anything that is laptop related.

Comment graphicBarbara Gare  21 Jul 2014

Laptop - overheating 5Star review Matt stepped in when Ruth Smith referred us, as she was not able to help us with our computer problem at the moment. He was efficient and quick to diagnose our problems and then explained the charges before going ahead. Costs were less than expected because he did not have to do all the work that he had originally expected to. Would recommend and use his services again ...thank you

Comment graphicAnne Croxford  26 Jun 2014

Friendly and reliable computer repairs service 5Star review I was having problems with my laptop battery and Matt looked at it and very quickly found and resolved the problem. He is extremely efficient and reliable and charges very reasonable rates. Highly recommended.

Comment graphicSujal Shah  20 Jun 2014

LAPTOP - soft ware and training 5Star review Very helpful and friendly.Spoke my language and nothing was too much trouble.We will definitely use Matt again

Comment graphicWENDY KETTLE  12 May 2014

Computer giving us the pip! 5Star review After reading recommendations on LYDS we decided to give Matt a call to see if our computer was salvageable as it was running so slow, now, we aren't very computer minded to say the least, but Matt took the computer away, done his duty and brought it back same day, running a lot better than before, he could've really pulled the wool over our eyes and charged a fortune, but no, he told us what he'd done and charged a really reasonable price, would we use Matt again...yes without a doubt, would we recommend...yes without a doubt. Well done Matt for being a genuinely good sort

Comment graphicTracy Smith  9 May 2014

5Star review Came highly recommended and with good reason. Got back to me immediately despite it being quite late when I messaged about the repair I required and 2 days later (the day the parts arrived) my husband's laptop is as good as new. Thank you! We will definitely be recommending!

Comment graphicKirsty Smith  28 Apr 2014

5Star review Thanks Matt and Panay for a great service you provide. Pleased I have found someone in the area that knows what their talking about. I highly recommend Matt for any problems you have with your computer. He's very efficient and reasonable too.

Comment graphicDanny Cox  15 Mar 2014

Laptop repair 5Star review After experiencing the 'blue screen of death' Matt fixed my laptop promptly, giving me an idea of what it could be when he tried to switch it on. He was correct, worked his magic powers and I now have it returned, repaired, cleaned and with all the software loaded back on .......all in the space of 24 hours and over a weekend. Thank you Matt & Panay, you were not only a life saver but genuinely lovely people.

Comment graphicKatie Wetherill  10 Mar 2014

Computer Repair 5Star review I can not praise Matt enough we were in the process of buying a reconditioned lap top for the kids so they could do homework and other kids stuff as the two computers we had (Laptop and note book) have not been working for over a year. We originally tried to fix them with a company that had been recommended by a friend It was the worse experience ever they held on to our computers for over 4 months claiming they were waiting for parts and in the end we ended up with two computers that still did not work. As a last attempt to recover them before throwing them out we asked Matt to have a look and within 4 hours, yes 4 hours Matt had both of them up and running. We can not recommend him enough. Honest, reliable, quick and efficient service.

Comment graphicandy stewart  13 Jan 2014

Super Matt to the rescue. 5Star review I run my own small business and am not what you would call computer savvy so when my laptop crashed on me- and I mean TOTALLY died I did get myself into a bit of a tizz- I was in a right panic! Matt to the rescue! He was so calm and helpful and reasuring that I did manage to calm down a little bit! It took him quite a while to fix it- as it was really sick and when it crashed again 2 days later he took it back fixed it for good this time ( it really was a sick puppy!) and wouldn't let me pay him even for his time the second time even though the second crash had been no fault of his. and then to top it off when I got it home and it was all working again I saw that he had put in fire walls and help with my emailing system at no extra charge to me- just to make my life easier he said!- how nice is that? Matt is great at his job and a lovely person. highly reccommended lovely local business xxxxx

Comment graphicDai  13 Jan 2014

5Star review My laptop pc is stuffed full of way too much data, was running very slowly, lots of programmes not working properly and I had the blue screen of death far too many times! Matt sorted everything out for me with no fuss and very quickly. I definitely recommend him!

Comment graphicRebecca Bocchetti  18 Oct 2013

Overheating laptop 5Star review My laptop was overheating,so on LYDS recommendations took it to Matthew. Laptop stripped, cleaned, tweaked and is now running like new, so pleased with the excellent service, fantastic value for money and would definitely recommend very friendly helpful guy. Thank you Matthew and of course your lovely wife Panay.

Comment graphicBridget Sullivan  6 Aug 2013

Hurray! All data saved! 5Star review Matt came to the rescue when my laptop died on us last week. We feared that all my business data had gone for good, long with hundreds of photos of my cakes. Amazingly, Matt was able to salvage everything. It's like having a brand new laptop!

Comment graphicDeborah Petrou  28 Jul 2013

Cracked lid! 5Star review Called upon Matt once again! this time to replace my cracked lid on my computer. Fast, efficient, trustworthy, well priced, what more can l say? I would recommend Matt 100%And Thank you to Panay too.

Comment graphicSandra Harnett  13 Jul 2013

Very Happy Customer 5Star review Matt was fantastic, totally understood how important my work was and explained every procedure to me so I understood all of the possible stages.The fact that my hard drive contents was saved was brilliant and genuinely saved me hours and hours of trying to regain many files and even then I would have still had some missing.I would highly recommend Matt to anyone, he is local, trustworthy, professional and clearly knows what he is doing.

Comment graphicMarc Spelmann  28 Jun 2013

happy customer 5Star review I'm so relieved to have found a reliable and trustworthy computer repair service. Well priced and honest, I can highly recommend and will definitely use them again. Thanks Matt and Panay!

Comment graphickaren nash  28 Jun 2013

5Star review Would like to recommend Matt Richards for any computer work/repairs. A big thank you to Matt who not only repaired my daughter's laptop (which really was about go in the bin!) but also upgraded it. It is now working much faster. Also a thank you to Panay too for her patience and kindness when I had been too unwell to go and collect it when I said I would.

Comment graphicJanice Mintern  27 Jun 2013

Computer repairs 5Star review Three years ago l took my laptop to two local computer companies to have it repaired. One told me it wasn’t worth the money it would cost, the other gave what l thought was too high a price, and l wasn’t sure it was worth it. So, it was put at the bottom of the wardrobe, and l purchased a new one.Then l heard Matt Richards repaired computers, so l thought l would ask! Not only did Matt repair it within two days he charged less than half the price l was given three years ago!!A Big Thank you Matt and l would recommend your services 100%

Comment graphicSandra Harnett  15 Feb 2013

Data Retrieval 5Star review After a data loss nightmare...(over 70 gigs of resources I have developed over the years), I approached Matt to see if he could help. He did! He managed to retrieve all the files and even organised them for me! His service was prompt and great value for money – everything you need when you are running your own business. If I have learnt anything over the last few days it has been 1. Back up my files 2. Get Matt to do all my IT needs!

Comment graphicChristina  11 Feb 2013

Anti virus and clean up on our computer. 5Star review Just wanted to say a big thanks to Matt for putting on a new anti virus on our computer and giving it a good clean up. He was very efficient and good value for money. Would highly recommend. Thanks Matt and Panay

Comment graphicDanny Cox  1 Feb 2013

Thanks 5Star review Thank you thank you Panay Richards and Matt for fixing the nasties in our laptop . . . all running smoothly now xx

Comment graphicEmma Morgan  31 Jan 2013

Thanks 5Star review Thank you thank you Panay Richards and Matt for fixing the nasties in our laptop . . . all running smoothly now xx

Comment graphicEmma Morgan  31 Jan 2013

Anti-virus download 5Star review Just got a new laptop & tablet for Xmas. Bought anti-virus software to download onto both of them. Easy task? You'd think so, wouldn't you? Except it wasn't that straightforward with the latest gizmos. Stuck, I asked for help on LYDS & Panay came to my rescue. Within 48hrs we made an appointment & my problem was solved. Matt did a fabulous job and even went beyond the call of duty with buckets full of advice to offer. My 8yo made some new friends and I left a happy bunny. Thanks Matt, Panay & the boys. You were fab xxx

Comment graphicTisha O-J  12 Jan 2013

Thank you! 5Star review I just wanted to say thank you to Matt. He fixed my son's phone within 24 hours at a very reasonable price. I shall certainly use him again! He was so helpful, honest and truly a really genuine guy. Brilliant :)

Comment graphicSusannah Rettel  30 Nov 2012

PC Genius! 5Star review We've used Matt on many occasions for our PC. From simple solutions to fixing major problems Matt has always advised us on which is the best and cheapest way to deal with the issues we have had. A very reliable, knows what he's talking about, always offers his advise for free and great value for money. We recommend Matt for all your PC or Laptop problems :)) Oh and he loves a cup of coffee and biscuits......:))

Comment graphicDes Dontas  20 Sep 2012

Top Laptop Man! 5Star review My husband and I have dealt with Matt a few times now and would highly recommend him! Not only does he come to your home (with his shiny silver computer first aid box which our daughter loves climbing on) he offers free no obligation advice on the next steps and strives to find the cheapest, most efficient way of getting the job done! The first time we had a problem Matt advised us to just order a new battery and cable from ebay and that was all that was needed to solve the problem whereas someone else would've made out the problem to be bigger than it was, and more costly and we would've parted with our money none the wiser! When our laptop screen was poorly it went to Matt's laptop hospital and he kept us informed of every step of the progress, always consulting us of our options before going ahead and carrying out work. Again, he went to great lengths to make sure he tried the cheapest options first! Best of all Matt is a truly genuine guy who is easy to chat to without all the techno jargon (plus he will also talk for hours about sci-fi which my husband loves!)

Comment graphicJo Johnson  13 Sep 2012