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Tao Yin Corrective Medicine

Dean Haldin has 12 years in specialisation in the fields of Corrective Chinese Medicine (Tao Yin); Bringing different disciplines of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to treated patients from all over the walks of life.

With specialises in the fields of Corrective Chinese Medicine (Tao Yin); Medical Rehabilitation, Remedial Massage, Physical Therapy / Sports Injuries. Cranial Techniques, Acupuncture & Moxibustion. Amma (Chinese Massage), Tui Na (Chinese Physical Therapy), Chinese Herbal Medicine, Qi Gong, Anmo Fu Massage (internal organ massage), TCM Theory, Muscular- Skeletal Evaluation, Anatomy & Physiology, Acupressure. Cranial Balancing, Stress Management, Needling and Balancing for Depression with Qi Gong Positional Release, Muscular Re-patterning. Reiki Usui System. Wellbeing consultation, nutrition and personal growth.

Through my medical practice I take care of peoples' health, contribute to enhance their quality of life and to a deeper understanding of their physical and emotional needs ( body, mind&spirit. The three treasures in TCM) ). Making people aware of the vast benefits of Chinese Medicine, an 4000 year old age medical tradition; improving peoples' lives and their health through a wide range of medical traditional disciplines. Bringing people a new approach to their lives, a richer, deeper and calmer sense of wellbeing, helping them to achieve all the positive results they aim in their lives.

Tao Yin Corrective Therapy is a powerful gentle and safe form of medicine, which stimulates your body’s own natural self-healing capacity. This helps the body on many levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Tao Yin Corrective Medicine has been known and used for thousands of years as one of the beneficial ways of keeping the body free from stress and illness.

This Therapy is a fully mobile service from Monday to Thursday from 11am till 9pm. Covering all Enfield and beyond at the privacy of your own home or work place, so no need for you to travel or trying to be on time. Then on Fridays 10am till 6pm at Gaia Nutrition at 8 Wades Hill, Winchmore Hill. N21 1BG if you prefer to be treated at the therapy room.


5Star review from 14 reviews

Best holistic therapist in Enfield 5Star review Ive had a few treatments with Dean over the past few months and in this time he has helped to relieve so much long held tension and I am now feeling totally energised. Each treatment is so relaxing and Dean has an instinctive way to know which areas to target to achieve the best results for you on the day. Each treatment leave me feeling on top of the world. Highly knowledgable and insightful a treatment with Dean will leave you feeling like you can take on the world!!

Comment graphicZeena kalisperides  8 Jun 2015

5Star review On my testimony I'm not going to talk about how Tao Yin Corrective Medicine helped me getting a healthier more restful sleep, or the impact it had on my mood, confidence and general wellbeing. Instead I'll focus on a fact. One year ago I severed a tendon and the digital nerve on my left index finger. I had a total of three operations and countless hand therapy sessions in the NHS. Progress was desperately slow and due to the hypersensitivity on my finger, I couldn’t touch or feel anything. After one session of a full body treatment, with a focus on my finger, normal sensation was restored and I have been enjoying feeling again ever since. Dean is the real thing!

Comment graphicRafael  27 Apr 2015

Healing and release 5Star review As I found my initial session with Dean so energising, I had another. I have found that an existing chronic and acute health condition has miraculously disappeared! I have been under ENT consultants for a couple of year for a problem with my inner ears causing vertigo, nausea and extreme tinnitus...after two Tao Yin treatments, my allments seem to have gone completely!! I have even stopped taking my regular daily medication! I am in fact amazed how my body, now realigned has been able to release blockages and heal itself..amazing :)

Comment graphicJenny Frangiamore  28 Apr 2014

Tao Yin 5Star review Dean is absolutely amazing. I was feeling extremely stressed and tired, but he made me feel so relaxed and chilled. The fact he will travel to you is an added bonus, no arranging childcare or wasted time travelling. I would recommend him, down to earth and friendly guy.

Comment graphicLisa Kearney  15 Apr 2014

Energy Rebalancing 5Star review “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Albert EinsteinDean is part of your miracle!

Comment graphicLydia C  3 Apr 2014

Energy rebalance 5Star review Highly recommend Dean as a holistic therapist. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and delivers his skills in a down to earth but professional manner. Personally I was looking for rebalance as I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and aching joints. After one session, I feel that my body has been 'kick started' into a direction of re balance and ease.

Comment graphicJenny Frangiamore  31 Mar 2014

5Star review I'm speechless! Dean got me back to life. He speeded up my recovery and I feel like resurrected. Bless him!

Comment graphicPeter  31 Mar 2014

Teo yin 5Star review Dean is amazing. He has treated me and my family for sports, back, tension, fear, digestion, among other things. i wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone, old young and in between. He is a professional at what he does. Whilst treating my neck shoulders and back he advised me to see my dentist, which I did soon after and found that I had an abscess. There's no note taking, he can treat you then come back a month later and remember how your body previously and how it feel now.. Try him, you won't regret it.

Comment graphicZara  31 Mar 2014

Treatment to lower back 5Star review Dean was recommended to me by a lady who overheard me speaking about a back injury I had picked's was one of the best eavesdrops ever!!! I'm a fitness instructor Mother of 4, with a very busy lifestyle! At the time I had been on a fitnes training course and needed to get back on my feet ASAP in order to complete it. I thought I was going to have to give up.. Dean came round the same night I called to book him at stupid o'clock!! His healing hands have changed my life! His knowledge and recommendations to improve my lower back issues have been priceless!!! He really cares about what he is doing. He came and did 3 treatments in total, 2 on my back, and a de-stress session which was just what I needed! I was back on my feet, and able to continue to go on and pass my course! For which I am eternally grateful... He also picked up working on my hubby so has now become a permanent fixture in our lives :-). However my hubby will need to give his own review ;-). Dean, Thanks for the best treatment to back and mind I have ever received. And we will see you next Friday :-))). X

Comment graphicDenise Riaz  15 Mar 2014

An amazing therapist 5Star review As someone who lives a busy lifestyle, working full-time with two children, I tend to get burnt out quite easily and can also suffer from depression. Receiving a treatment from Dean is bliss and it completely rejuvenates both my mind and body. He is highly knowledgeable and intuitive so always knows what needs working on and how to best help me. I have become so much more relaxed and tension-free since seeing him. The fact that he is a mobile therapist is great as it means I can have a treatment at home and then float straight to bed afterwards to have a wonderful night’s sleep (without having to go out in the cold or drive through traffic!) Dean really is a gem; I just hope he stays local as I don’t know what I’d do without his regular treatments!

Comment graphicSunnyCobi  3 Mar 2014

De-Stress Treatment 5Star review WOW! Dean spent an hour with me on a de-stress treatment that was fantastic! I walked away calm and educated. I'm now trying to find other issues just so I can call him back!

Comment graphicRenee Rogers  28 Feb 2014

Tao Yin Corrective Therapy 5Star review I had fallen down the stairs & hurt my foot I was told by A&E I'd damaged my ten-den. It was painful to walk on & I was informed it could take months to heal. That's where Dean came in.. He undertook a Massage on my foot & lower leg which was extremely beneficial. I was able to mobilize & my foot felt 10 times better than it had. I would highly recommend Dean to my friends

Comment graphicWendy Richert  24 Feb 2014

Tao Yin for YOU! 5Star review Dean is a magician it seems. He intuitively works on my problems and almost knows my body better than me sometimes! I had not heard of Tao Yin before I met Dean and will be very happy to recommend him to everyone I know for physical pains that just don't shift. Do not hesitate to get in touch and have a chat as Dean is incredibly friendly and always works to exceed my expectations. I'm really over the moon with what he has done for my Mum who was going to the osteopath for weeks with little result and Dean worked on her for 3 sessions now and she is feeling so much better and having a lot less pain. Thank you Dean, you're amazing xx

Comment graphicMartina Foreman  24 Feb 2014

amazing 4th emergency service 5Star review This is my 4th emergency service. Dean is my go to man. He really is amazing. He doesnt just look at the problem but the body, mimd and spirit as a whole and has one exceptional talent for putting me back together again. He was recommened to me a little over 2yrs ago now for my exsisting back problem (since 2003!) And within 2 treatments I was back on my feet-which considerimg I am.normally on hospital drugged up to my eyeballs for weeks on end when my back does go this was no mean feet. It is non invasive and he will stay with you until you feel human again. I can not be without him!

Comment graphicJoanne Mason  24 Feb 2014