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Address Salisbury House, Bury Street West

Post CodeN9 9LA

Love Your DoorStep

Love Your DoorStep is Enfields Award Winning Business & Community Platform set up following the London Riots.

Our main objectives are:

To put local people in touch with local products and services so we keep money local

To inform the community about whats going on right on their DoorStep, from events, to police, council, community group information

To create a platform where local people can ask a varity of different questions and get advice, support and information.

One of our initiatives is our Community Patrol - email us for more info on how you can volunteer. If you would like to join our online community forum on Facebook you can find us here Or you can also visit our website to look at over 650 local businesses who can help you.


5Star review from 26 reviews

I love Love Your Doorstep 5Star review Love Your Doorstep has made Enfield a more friendly place, I feel that I am really part of a community, I have discovered businesses I would never have found, meet people I would never have meet and people have come to my business that would never have found me. The team are lovely and supportive, I cannot recommend enough.

Comment graphicAlex Kemp  15 Mar 2020

5Star review Lyds is a fantastic group I have asked for many recommendations throughout the year and have found so many helpful places recommended to me, I also love that we have so many small businesses that do well off of here xxx it’s a great page

Comment graphicTanya  27 Dec 2019

LYDS review 5Star review A brilliant way to connect Enfield residents / share stories/ ideas/ recommendations and find out about local businesses. Always my go to when I’m stuck on local issues or need advice on what’s on in the area. Thank you for creating such a wonderful and engaging site. It really does make a difference.

Comment graphicSiobhan  22 Dec 2019

Bringing back the sense of community. 5Star review Love Your Doorstep is amazing. It has helped rebuild community cohesion within the Borough of Enfield. It is the place to go to ask for advise. Be it looking for a recommendation of local businesses, help with personal matters, asking what local activities are on. Local charities get more exposure than before, people are volunteering more, fundraising is more successful, new friendships are built, new networks are made. It really is awesome with a sprinkle of fun <3

Comment graphicNova Watt  15 Oct 2019

Review 5Star review It’s one of the best group I came across. It’s brilliant way to promote your businesses, jobs , and it’s like a family. You feel united as a community. Thanks to everyone at LYDS. You all are doing a fabulous job

Comment graphicRouzina  14 Oct 2019

Review 5Star review Since joining up with lyds I have found it to very friendly and helpful in giving advise on many subjects I also like to share photos from our local Estates and parks thank you for doing a fantastic job

Comment graphicLeonard  14 Oct 2019

5Star review LYDS are always there to answer your questions, help you find what your looking for, or even give you advice. LYDS is like the new age Yellow Pages! You just can't go wrong! Thank You LYDS!

Comment graphicChantal  13 Oct 2019

Best of the best 5Star review Lyds is the lifeline Enfield needs. We have had works done by numerous Lyds Businesses, and as a sole trader myself I have met most of my customers on this platform. The team are amazingly helpful and nothing is too much bother at any time. Keep up the amazing work you do girls.

Comment graphicSheila  9 Oct 2019

Fantastic! 5Star review I cannot praise LYDS highly enough. They have done so much to help me promote my community fundraising choir, bringing lots of new members, and allowing me to reach a wide audience when promoting events. The minute someone is on the site enquiring about choirs, we receive a notification. So professional. Love these guys

Comment graphicSharon Czapnik Down  29 Oct 2018

Outstanding 5Star review Ten stars if there was an option Above reviews sums it all up Fantastic community tool Brilliant business marketing tool - feels like you are communicating with mates - never met most of the people but feels like you know everyone Well done keep it up

Comment graphicAjay Gokani  24 Oct 2018

Thank you 5Star review Lyds is a fab group created to support Enfield community, business & individuals. It’s not only about recommendations & helping to find the right person for the job - it’s also about helping to unite the Enfield community by highlighting & bringing events to people of Enfield, is open to various discussions about Enfield, fun things, it’s includes everything. I’m very happy to be part of this lovely team. I love that I can find everything in one place - from business to bit of fun & banter! It’s so nice to meeting everyone in person too, feels like I know so many already!! Well done the Lyds team!! Xx

Comment graphicMira  24 Oct 2018

Great community asset 5Star review Emma and her team work tirelessly for the community and the businesses who, like us benefit from this service. Ian and Marilyn of IB Wills & Family Matters.

Comment graphicIan Brill  24 Oct 2018

5Star review Love Your Doorstep is a brilliant directory and platform for local businesses and people. It works to create and foster a sense of community, plus the founders and staff are very helpful and friendly.

Comment graphicSara Gallego  23 Oct 2018

5Star review I joined love your doorstep about a year ago now and they have helped promote my business which has helped to increase my cliental. They are also around for a chat and to find advice when needed . It’s a fantastic part of the community and has also helped me in other areas to help me find other local businesses . The team are amazing, very kind and caring. Thank you all for all your help over the last year . Highly recommend love your door step .

Comment graphicStephanie Lambie  23 Oct 2018

WONDERFUL 5Star review Love your doorstep (LYDS) is a fantastic platform that not only has helped me immensely with my business (80% of my work comes from LYDS). It is wonderful for the community, it's the number 1 go to place for anything you want to know or find in the area. From products and services to events, local news and much much more.They have a wonderful team working behind the scenes to keep LYDS running efficiently and keep the community constantly informed, they work so hard and I cannot fault them.Thank you Love Your Doorstep Team for being so wonderful in every way.

Comment graphicKalia Costa  16 Jun 2016

Community Support. 5Star review I cant remember how I 'found' lyds but since joining I have become part of a fantastic community. We have made new contacts and friends, have gained work and have been part of some great local projects. The team are always there to support and promote our work 'Art Start' and we hope it continues to grow and be even more successful.xx

Comment graphicDebbie Dean  16 Jun 2016

5Star review I have been a member of LYDS for a few months now and the team have been a great support and have helped me a lot in getting my brand name out there with heaps of friendly advice. The networking events are also fantastic and have been a great way to meet new people and businesses. 5 * from me.

Comment graphicClaire Hassan  16 Jun 2016

Great community platform 5Star review Love your doorstep has been such a revelation to my business. It's boosted my business so much over the last few years, plus I've met so many lovely people on it. Highly recommend to everyone I meet. Keep up the great work guys

Comment graphicLoui Georgiou  16 Jun 2016

5Star review A fantastic site for putting your 'feelers' out and finding, employing, meeting and achieving that hard to find tradesmen, shop, service. My company is registered as a Lyds business and the girls have have been nothing but a pleasure to deal with. A must for business to business and general public to business contact page. Always keeping local people up to date and informed of what's what in our local community.

Comment graphicMark Mead  16 Jun 2016

Review 5Star review An excellent organisation bringing local businesses and local residents together; highlighting important issues and helping people find solutions to problems.

Comment graphicEmma Rizi  15 Jun 2016

Loving Our Doorstep! 5Star review Love, Love, Love! What a fantastic idea bringing all the community together and giving local real recommendations! Its bringing us all closer and making us aware of how much talent and great businesses we have on our doorstep. Its helping me as a client and as a member of the community. The staff couldn't be more helpful! Keep up the good work. Love you all!

Comment graphicFrani Koutsoudes  15 Jun 2016

Review 5Star review 5* review for love your doorstep. I planned my whole wedding via lyds with only 3 months notice!Also a fantastic platform to help promote my business through. Amazing on all levels

Comment graphicRachel baker  15 Jun 2016

Testimonial review 5Star review Since joining LYDS 18 months ago I have been amazed by the response. I have many new clients as a result as well as making new friends. I have also met lots of local business people that I trust and recommend. The account managers are rerally on the ball and have significantly raised my company profile.

Comment graphicEli Pressman  15 Jun 2016

LYDS the future 5Star review As a fairly new member to LYDS I have been more than surprised at just how good a company this is, not only is an I redo me way to get the local community to interact it also helps local businesses especially smaller ones to gain a platform to reach people in need of services.In short I couldn't recommend them enough they are the future of community networking

Comment graphicRichard Pettifer  15 Jun 2016

5-Star LYDS 5Star review I have been a member business of Love your doorstep for just over a year now. Being a one man business the Platform has been extremely useful for me in a time where the DJ business has been difficult. Love Your Doorstep has directly & indirectly accounted for around 40% of my weekend business in that 1st year. It obviously depends on your business as to the success you obtain from LYDS, BUT it is also very important that you are proactive within the Community both on & offline. The team are excellent and very approachable, a unique local organisation in many ways. Would be great to see LYDS become a National Brand.

Comment graphicHowie Roscoe  10 Nov 2014

Excellent platform 5Star review I was introduced to Love Your Doorstep in June and have been delighted at the support my business, Lessons Alive, has been given. As a small business, it is a challenge to contact the local community without a 'core' and Love Your Doorstep provides that core so that word can spread. As a sole trader, it's good to know that there is a team of people actively engaged in promoting my business in the area I want to work. In addition to the promotion side, I love the fact that the LYDs team are so positive and interested in getting to know the businesses they are promoting. The events they organise and host make networking a really enjoyable experience, too. The world is changing and traditional ways of advertising are no longer so effective. Although it is possible to join business networking groups online free of charge; I have not found one that so powerfully brings people together to positively influence local communities. Well done to LYDs. I think it is fabulous, for the community and for local businesses.

Comment graphicGail Hugman  20 Oct 2014