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Brazilian keratin treatment

Address Zena hair design salon, Browns Garden Centre, Theobalds Park Rd,

Post CodeEn2 9dg

Hair by sev

I am a fully qualified hair stylist with over 12 years experience. Offering salon and occasional mobile visits. I am highly capable of all hairdressing services. I share a passion for hairdressing and a commitment to excellence. It is very important to me that my clients feel happy, confident and comfortable throughout their service. I also specialise in the brazilian keratin treatment and provide the best and newest products available with the best results. ...PRICE LIST... Cut: £20 Blowdry: £15 Cut and blowdry: £30 Hair up: £25 Root tint: £30 Whole head tint: £40 Toner: £15 Half-head highlights: £35 Full-head highlights: £50 Ombre/balayge: £50 Brazilian keratin treatment: £60 ...Micro Bead Hair Extentions... Half-head: £200-£230 Full-head: £250-£280 Removal: £50


5Star review from 52 reviews

Great cut! 5Star review Fantastic haircut! Sev is lovely and immediately puts you at ease. She is quick and precise and I loved the end result. Will not hesitate to go back and highly recommend - thank you!

Comment graphicJanice  13 Jan 2020

Balayage & keratin 5Star review Amazing!!! What a lovely lady and omg so patient with me I went in and came out with exactly what I wanted plus soft, shiny healthy looking hair Can’t thank you enough ❤️👍😘

Comment graphicSerafina  9 Dec 2019

Brazilian keratin treatment 5Star review Hi xxx just wanted to msg u feedback. The keratin treatment is amazing.. what a huge difference my hair is soft, shiny and silky. Alot easier to blowdry and straighten and looks so much healthier!!! Thank you ❤❤

Comment graphicArzu  6 Dec 2019

Highlights 5Star review ☆☆☆☆☆ to sev for my hair, i went with my sister and both of us love our hair, cheers sevim we will always be back

Comment graphicMartina  3 Dec 2019

Wowwwww 5Star review Extremely super happy with my hair. This treatment is so expensive everywhere but very affordable with sev and so much better than every other time i had the treatment. I am so happy this is my 4th time ive had this done with sev and it gets better every time. Sev also gave me a free tester gift of an product she recommended and i am very pleaser with it i would recommend it to everyone (revlon one spray) it is so good for your hair.

Comment graphicLouise  3 Dec 2019

Brazilian Keratin Treatment 5Star review I had the treatment on monday and had to leave it for 3 days before I washed it. My hair is curly and quite frizzy but as soon as I just quickly blowdried it after the first wash it was amazing. It was almost straight, hardly any frizz at all and so silky and shiny. Only took me 5 mins to go over it with straighteners (hair is quite long) and it was perfect. I am so happy with this treatment and will def have again after 3/4 months and Sev was really lovely. Honestly can’t recommend enough! Xx

Comment graphicRebecca  9 Nov 2019

Brazilian blow dry 5Star review Sev, made my day, my hair looks Amazing ✨ The process was quick and efficient. My hair is manageable and now, and looks in great condition Prices are affordable and won’t break the bank. It is well worth a visit. Thank you Sev, look forward to seeing you soon🌺

Comment graphicSemoy  4 Nov 2019

Highlights and Brazilian keratin treatment 5Star review 100% recommended!!!!!!!!

Comment graphicWhitaker  22 Oct 2019

10 out of 10 5Star review Very happy as always, cant wait to have my hair done again xxx

Comment graphicChristie  22 Oct 2019

Balayage 5Star review I had a balayage and a root colour with a cut and a blowdry for a very affordable price that you cant find anywhere else. Ontop of the affordable price i got amazing highlights that i no other hairdresser could do on me before. Ive been to the most expensive hair salons and they could not get the colour this perfect for me. Thanks sev count me in as your regular client. ☆

Comment graphicKatrina soloman  22 Oct 2019

Happy feedback 5Star review Besttttttt Brazilian keratin treatment I ever had. I reccomend you to everyone

Comment graphicEliz mehmet  9 Oct 2019

Highlights and Brazilian keratin treatment 5Star review I couldn't be happier, i am sooooooooooo happy with my hair. With my highlights and my keratin treatment. Im in love with my hair. Thank youuuuuu

Comment graphicLonza  9 Oct 2019

Brazilian keratin and highlights 5Star review Hey sev thank you for doing an amazing job on my hair my love, I'm very happy with both my treatments

Comment graphicNat  28 Sep 2019

Brazilian keratin 5Star review 10 out of 10 fabulous work sev love my hair I can't believe I never did this all my life!

Comment graphicLucy  13 Sep 2019

Brazilian keratin treatment 5Star review Its my 4th time I had the Brazilian treatment with Sev and I must say she was right!!! Every time I have it gets better and better its unbelievable and this time I didn't even need to get it done even after 4 months, my hair is literally super smooth and not a single bit of frizz. I am always asked if my hairs blowdried. Looks fab thanks again sev

Comment graphicSarah  4 Sep 2019

Keratin treatment 5Star review Extremely happy with the results. I am on the end of my 3rd month and my hair still looks amazing. Very affordable price for such an amazing result. Recommended you to everyone

Comment graphicValerie  4 Sep 2019

Amazing! 5Star review Just had a Brazilian Blow with Sev. Such lovely and friendly service from the moment I walked in. Appointment on time, price very reasonable. Happy with the blow-dry. Highly recommended

Comment graphicNaz  1 Sep 2019

Smoothing treatment 5Star review Very happy with my smoothing treatment. Thank you very much.

Comment graphicTalya  31 Aug 2019

KERATIN TREATMENT 5Star review Will 100% be a loyal and regular customer for many years. I cant believe i didnt discover this keratin treatment before. Where was this all my life. Thanks to sevi my hair now looks like hair, fantastic job sev

Comment graphicVan  31 Aug 2019

10 out of 10 5Star review Fantastic hairdresser thanks sweetheart love my hair(i had highlights and Brazilian keratin treatment)

Comment graphicKim  28 Aug 2019


Comment graphicMaxine  27 Aug 2019

Brazilian treatment 5Star review Hello I had the Brazilian keratin treatment in the beginning of june and I'm still extremely happy with my hair, it is still manageable and so smooth, my hair had also grown quicker!! This Brazilian keratin treatment is amazing, cheers sev

Comment graphicZaheen  27 Aug 2019

Cut and Brazilian keratin treatment 5Star review I was nervous .. my hair hadn't been cut for 1.5 years and it was a terrible mess. Sev was AMAZING!! She made me feel so comfortable and reassured. She cut and treated my hair and now I have hair that kids wont stop stroking!! 😁 I love the style too .. which I left to her professional opinion and so glad I did. Thank you so much Sev.. I will definitely be returning🥰🥰

Comment graphicSeden  18 Aug 2019

Highlights 5Star review 5 out of 5 for my highlights, your a perfectionist!! Thank you sweety

Comment graphicNicky  12 Aug 2019

5Star review You are now my stylist for life, love my hair and my daughters, see you again soon. HAIR BY SEV IS THE BEST!

Comment graphicCiara  9 Aug 2019

Brazilian 5Star review I had a Brazilian keratins treatment 2 months ago, the reason i left 2 months in between my review is to give you all an feedback. When i first had this done 2 months ago my hair felt amazingly smooth. 5 weeks later it still had the smoothness and this time my hair felt alot thicker as i left it natural for weeks because it looked fine, it has now been 2 months and my hair has grown 3 inches long!!! It is still smooth and manageable, i will let you all no once my 3 months is over and how long it will last on my hair. Thank you sev you have done an brill job!!

Comment graphicLucy  5 Aug 2019

Keratin treatment 5Star review Fantastic keratin treatment very happy will have it done again x

Comment graphicLady Smith  30 Jul 2019

Brazilian 5Star review 10 out of 10! My hair looks amazing thank you very much

Comment graphicMariana  26 Jul 2019

5Star review Sev was very busy, shes a populer Loved stylist, but she managed to fit me in for a emergency appointment, thanks love . Great hair as always

Comment graphicKosta  27 Jun 2019

5 star job 5Star review Thank you sev my looks lovely ive had so many compliments on it xx

Comment graphicVictoria shepherd  27 Jun 2019

5Star review I was recommended by a friend of mine and had my hair coloured by sev 6 months ago which actually changed my life. After i left the salon very pleased with my hair, i met a man outside the salon and hes first word was "your hair looks gorgeous just like you love" and i will be engaged to this man tommorow:) this is why i wanted to write this review, i didnt get to thank you and write a review sev, thank you so much for not only doing a great job with my hair but also changing my life for the good, i am overdue and will be in for my colour soon.

Comment graphicAnastasia  20 Jun 2019

Brazilian keratin treatment 5Star review This is my second time having an Brazilian treatment, and guess what? ITS EVEN BETTER. The first time i had it done i was amazed at the difference it made to my hair, but now the second time i cant even explain how amazing my hair is. Its litrally like i have my natural virgin hair back! So soft and glossy and it is nearly straight! Wohoooooo i can fİnaly say I LOVE MY HAIR. thank you sev for another great job. I cant imagine how the third treatment will be. Cant wait. See you in 3 months.

Comment graphicMaria  20 Jun 2019

5Star review I have been a GHD addict for years and was dreading the thought of the humid weather coming and my hair frizzing. I've had treatment before but didnt find it very successful and an eye watering toxic experience when applied. I went to Sev after seeing some great reviews on LYDS and was not disappointed. The Brazilian Keretin treatment didn't smell toxic and was quick and easy. The results have been amazing and the cut was great. Drying time is so much quicker and the constant frizz has gone. So if you've got curly / frizzy hair that needs taming or just want to cut down the amount of time spent straightening it then this treatment is for you. Sev was lovely and I'll definitely be back in August for a repeat treatment.

Comment graphicHeather  7 Jun 2019

5Star review Hi my name is Alice i had a Brazilian keratin tm with you last sunday, im very happy with it has made a difference in my hair my hair is so smooth shiny and dries straight in a minute

Comment graphicAlice shepherd  5 Jun 2019

Colour and style 5Star review Very happy with my colour and my hair cut and blowout thank you, it was great having a conversation with you

Comment graphicJulie  5 Jun 2019

5Star review Recommended to all my friends and family. Thank you i have a massive smile on my face :)))

Comment graphicMeliha  20 May 2019

I had a colour 5Star review Walking in to a lovely environment to see a lady greeting me with a smiley face, taking my jacket and seating me in a very polite maner on to having a good consultation about my colour and matching it to my current. Thank you i am very happy with my hair and my cut along with a blowdry.

Comment graphicMrs joe  20 May 2019

Happy happy happy!!!!!!!!! 5Star review Extremely happy with my hair sev thanks my love. Ive been to so many hair salons to do my highlights over the years and sev is the only person that got it spot on perfect! Will be back see you soon. Amanda

Comment graphicAmanda nikilou  20 May 2019

Keratin treatment 5Star review My second Brazilian keratin treatment by Sev. Very happy as it definitely works.... Frizz free for 3-4 months!

Comment graphicJanine Deloughery  5 May 2019

5Star review I am very happy with my brazilisn treatment. It ia very effective my hair is how smooth soft and more manageable and not frizzy im so happy. Thanx

Comment graphicSonay cagla  22 Mar 2019

Micro bead extensions 5Star review Sev is the kindest women I’ve ever met! I’ve had such bad experiences in the past with micro bead extensions and was scared to get them done again, but what Sev did for me was AMAZING! The hair is such amazing quality and she also dip dyed it for me so it’s dark brown and the top and goes into blonde... I’m in love with my new hair!! Thank you so much Sev I can’t wait for all my family to book in with you to see you again, so glad I found such a lovely and trustworthy hairdresser xx

Comment graphicSoraya  22 Mar 2019

Keratin treatment 5Star review I went to see Sev on sunday and have thekeratin treatment. My hair is very curly and sev made my hair very nice and straight. I am happy thank you

Comment graphicMrs shah  20 Mar 2019

Thank you 5Star review Thanks beauty you have done a great job as usual 100/100%

Comment graphicMaddy  19 Mar 2019

5Star review Great service!

Comment graphicMrs joice louise  15 Mar 2019

The best stylist 5Star review I had a different stylist for 20 years and she become pregnant so she stopped working, luckily i met sev and have been having my hair done by her for 8 months and am happy to say there is not one time that i didnt like it, sevum does what you want and it always looks nice. Thankx beauty, see you sunday.

Comment graphicJulie  13 Mar 2019

100% recomended 5Star review Thank you i am so happy. I will be returning and reccomending friends & family.

Comment graphicMrs mchan  11 Mar 2019

Very happy 5Star review I had an ombre done with sev yesterday. My jet black hair is now a beautifull caramel brown and blonde ombre, in excelent condition. I am normally very fussy, but i am very happy thank you sevy

Comment graphicMaria t  11 Mar 2019

Highlights 5Star review Sev is a very talented lovely girl, i had a full head of highlights done with her and i can only say this is the first time i LOVE MY HAIR ever! She also used olaplex and made my hair even better than it was. Thank you sev for transforming this massive bushy hair of mine! 😍 would reccomend her 100%

Comment graphicSilvana  9 Mar 2019

Balayage 5Star review I went to have a Balayage done and Sev managed to give me exactly the colour i was hoping for! Had such a lovely experience and will def. Visit again. She is such a lovely girl and so talented! Do yourself a favor and visit Sev ♥️♥️♥️

Comment graphicDiana  29 Jan 2019

Very happy customer! 5Star review I had a Brazilian keratin treatment on my really frizzy hair, now tamed and looks so healthy. A week later I had my roots coloured. Will definitely recommend

Comment graphicJanine  27 Jan 2019

5Star review I had a brazilian keratin done 8 weeks ago and i am so happy with the results, very smooth and not frizzy atall and it has actually repaired my dead ends. Thank you sev

Comment graphicFerah  24 Jan 2019

Fabulous! 5Star review I had a Brazilian keratin treatment on my really frizzy hair, great results, I'm really happy...... included a free cut too! A week later I had my roots coloured. Thank you Sev!

Comment graphicJanine  24 Jan 2019