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Blue Cycle Training

Teaching Children and Adults to ride a bicycle, improve bike handling skills and ride on the road confidently to school or work. Learn to Ride sessions for children are held on Sundays at least twice a month at Keble School, Winchmore Hill using their Astro Turf pitch and at other locations such as parks and quiet car parks in and around Bush Hill Park at weekends. 90% of the children are riding at the end of their 1 hour lesson. Child friendly bikes including balance bikes as well as adult bikes are available for use. Balance Bikes are also available for weekly hire. Adults sometimes take a bit longer but everyone can ride a bike so let me help you.


5Star review from 53 reviews

Brilliant Lesson with Peter 5Star review Excellent experience with Peter @ Blue Cycle Training today! My son learnt to ride a bike in 10 mins and spent the rest of the lesson riding happily building his confidence. We will be back soon!

Comment graphiclucy  23 Apr 2022

Blue Cycle Training 5Star review Our daughter was riding a bike within minutes, after my husband tried all last summer! Plus we knew which bike to get after she was able to ride 2 during the class. Well worth the money. Thank you

Comment graphicAimee  23 Apr 2022

5Star review I can’t recommend Peter enough. I had tried on so many occasions to get my 7 year old daughter riding her bike with no luck. I left her with Peter, got a coffee and came back and she was riding her bike and couldn’t be prouder of herself. She was very comfortable with Peter and has come home telling everyone how helpful and funny he was.

Comment graphicAngelica  7 Apr 2022

5Star review Our daughter was riding a bike within minutes, after my husband tried all last summer! Plus we knew which bike to get after she was able to ride 2 during the class. Well worth the money. Thank you.

Comment graphicAimee  2 Apr 2022

5Star review I sent my 11 year old daughter to Peter as she was a very nervous learner and would not be taught by myself or my husband. By the end of the session she was cycling around the playground and very happy & proud of herself. Would definitely recommend!

Comment graphicGeraldine  29 Mar 2022

Amazing! 5Star review These lessons are fantastic. My six year old was riding on her own within 15mins, having shown no sign of being able to when I was trying to help her learn! The look on her face was priceless, I think she was as surprised as I was!

Comment graphicBecki  20 Mar 2022

Highly recommend 5Star review Lily went from previously only using stabilisers to confidently cycling on her own in one session. Peter and Helen clearly have the touch, and a full range of Frog bikes and a great venue for kids to learn with the pretty soft but flat and smooth surfaces.

Comment graphicJT  9 Nov 2021

5Star review I cannot recommend Peter and his team enough! My highly cautious 5 year old was literally riding his bike within minutes! I couldn’t believe it! I will be booking my 3 year old in ASAP. Thank you Peter 🙏🏼

Comment graphicMaria  24 Oct 2021

childs cycle lesson 5Star review I can’t recommend Peter and his teachers enough! We really struggled to get our son to ride so we thought last resort lets try lessons. The best decision ever. First lesson was all about balance and the second lesson my son started riding. I couldnt believe it! They are all very patient , lovely to the kids and it was worth every penny. Thankyou!

Comment graphicKate  23 Oct 2021

Fantastic Team 5Star review My son really struggled to ride without his stabilisers so I booked a session with Blue Cycle Training and after the 1 hour session he was riding by himself. I couldn’t believe it. We booked a second session to improve what he had learnt and he was riding so well after this. Highly recommend this company and the 2 guys who run it are really lovely and very patient with the kids.

Comment graphicRebecca  14 Sep 2021

Excellent Cycling Lessons 5Star review Our 6 year old daughter attended Blue cycle training a couple of weeks ago. Peter had her balancing and riding within 20 minutes. Peter was patient, encouraging and put our daughter at ease. We attended two sessions to ensure she was able to turn, brake and start on her own. She is now cycling everyday and managed 6 km through Forty Hall this morning. I would highly recommend Peter. Thank you!

Comment graphicBreda Mckelvey  25 Aug 2021

Fantastic Service 5Star review Fantastic service and excellent teachers. Had my 5 year old riding without stabilisers in minutes and really got her confidence up during the session. Thanks Helen and Peter

Comment graphicHarriet  25 Jul 2021

5Star review Can’t thank Peter enough. My twins are three and are already ringing a pedal bike after only 1 hours training! Highly recommend

Comment graphicMaria Allen  7 Jul 2021

Cycle coaching 5Star review Lovely coaches who are great at working with children. I would highly recommend Blue Cycle Training. I’m really pleased with the service, my daughter left confidently riding a bike.

Comment graphicFe  4 Jul 2021

Recommend! 5Star review Peter is fantastic and got my overly cautious 5 year old to ride confidently in two sessions. My daughter loved every minute of the lessons and is very proud of herself for learning to ride her bike

Comment graphicMelanie  4 Jul 2021

Blue cycle training 5Star review Amazing teachers, highly recommend Blue Cycle Training. My son (5) learnt how to cycle with Blue Cycle Training. He went from being unable to cycle to cycling independently using gears in 2 lessons. Peter and Helen were so kind and patient. My son loved the lesson and now can’t wait to do more cycling! Thank you!

Comment graphicLizzie  12 Jun 2021

I highly recommend, amazing teachers! 5Star review I am so thankful that I took my son to Bluecycletraining, their approach is caring and professional. Peter was so helpful that when I was trying to book session. My son has hyper mobility and he wasn’t keen on riding a bike because he felt nervous about falling down from bike. So the soft floor was definitely a plus that Peter was teaching at Keble, Winchmore Hill. They are so amazing (Peter and Helen) from beginning to end. I also booked riding bike at the park session which was great experience for my son to practice. They made sure to teach how to use gears up to hill and down to hill. They are so great with children. I am so happy that I found them. I highly recommend.

Comment graphicEvren Ersan  10 Jun 2021

5Star review Peter and Helen were amazing with my 6 year old son & 4 year old daughter. After 1 lesson my son was confidently riding his bike and my daughter isn't too far behind. Both kids are a very shy and lack confidence but they were made to feel comfortable straight away and it was so lovely to see them riding around smiling by the end of the lesson. I would definitely recommend Helen and Peter!

Comment graphicChristina  3 Jun 2021

5Star review My 4 year old son went from balance bike to riding in 2 lessons. Peter and Helen were really patient with my son and made the lesson really fun for him. I was so happy to see my son ride so quickly.

Comment graphicJinit  25 Apr 2021

Miricles 5Star review I booked two sessions for my seven year old Grandson who was vey nervous and could not even manage on a balance bike. The difference in his ability even after one session was amazing. Learning to ride his bike has given him such a confidence boost, thank you so much. I can't recommend the team highly enough !!

Comment graphicMary Meadows  25 Apr 2021

Cycle lessons 5Star review My son has been diagnosed with autism and has significant challenges in relation to both his attention span and ability to listen to, and carry out instructions. Peter has demonstrated genuine patience and understanding in the way in which he has encouraged him to participate and as a result has discovered an entirely new interest for us both.

Comment graphicE  28 Mar 2021

Bike lesson 5Star review My daughter was struggling to learn to ride without stabilisers for a long time so we decided to get her a proper lesson. Within 30 minutes she was peddling without support and by then end of the lesson she was riding the length of the AstroTurf pitch. Peter and Helen were fantastic teachers and I would 100% recommend Peter’s company.

Comment graphicSinead  28 Mar 2021

Oliver 5Star review A great boost for my eleven year old daughter who is not a very confident cyclist so is often reluctant. She was supported so well that she is asking me when she can go again! Thank you 😊

Comment graphicClaire  30 Oct 2020

Cycle training 5Star review My son had two sessions with Peter (he took a bit longer to get the hang of braking and steering) and has gone from zero to competent in this time. Highly recommended and worth it for anyone who wants to learn / their kids to learn.

Comment graphicMichael S  18 Oct 2020

It was like magic! 5Star review My daughter had been on a balance bike for a while but I was skeptical about her being able to learn with pedals so quickly. The day before the lesson we had tried the pedals and it had not been successful with her not wanting to even go to the class. Within 10 minutes she was pedaling around the Astro court and after an hour had really built her confidence. It was like magic! Could not recommend Peter and David enough, thank you very much!

Comment graphicRebecca Clark  20 Sep 2020

Great cycling lesson 5Star review My 5 year old had previously attended and was cycling round by the end of the lesson. His younger brother (4) wanted to learn so he could keep up with his older brother so he had a session too. He loved it and didn't want to come home at the end. The only downside is I now need to buy a bike for myself to keep up with them!

Comment graphicCharlotte  14 Sep 2020

5 stars 5Star review Took my son for a bike riding school as he was not able to ride without stabilisers and I was really impressed as after 30 min he was able to ride his bike without any support. Thank you so much Peter.

Comment graphicNina  13 Sep 2020

Great Session and Instructors! 5Star review We brought our son to Peter and Helen today for his second lesson. Last week Peter had him riding the bike within an hour, but he wasn’t as confident in using breaks, turning and pushing off by himself (all pretty important things 😉), so we booked a second session to work on those areas. By the end of the session, our son was able to safely and confident control the bike and was having a great time whilst doing it!! Peter also recommended the Bike Club to us, which meant that we were able to get a suitable new bike for a really low monthly fee. The bike can be changed as our son grows so we won’t be left with several different bikes in our shed!! Thank you Peter & Helen - you have amazing patience and professionalism. We would highly recommend Blue Cycle to anyone wanting to confidently learn to ride a bike!!

Comment graphicMary Johnston  13 Sep 2020

Fantastic cycling lessons 5Star review My son really enjoyed the cycling lessons and was able to ride a bike at the end of the for lesson. I am very impressed with how well organised the class is and the way in which Peter was able to help my son ride from the first time without any experience. I would highly recommend Peter and the the learn to ride bicycle sessions!

Comment graphicTsvetomir  6 Sep 2020

5Star review Peter taught my son last year to ride a bike and we were very impressed that he rode his bike after 30 minutes. We decided to book a session for our 4 year old daughter today. She progressed a lot during the lesson with her technique and while she isn’t quite riding independently yet, the lesson gave her a lot of confidence and she is excited to practice. Peter and the team are amazing, very patient and certainly know how to teach the technique.

Comment graphicAndrea  23 Aug 2020

So impressed! 5Star review So grateful to Peter and his team for getting my boys confidence up! They are so patient and made him feel so at ease and calm which gave him the confidence to get going within the hour! Thank you to all!

Comment graphicRobina  2 Aug 2020

5Star review Both of my children learned to ride bikes on their first lesson. It was incredible to see them cycling just an hour after I dropped them off. A big thank you for Peter and his team.

Comment graphicMaria  28 Jul 2020

Excellent 5Star review Both my sons age 3 and 5 have learnt to cycle with Peter and his team. They are very friendly, gentle and experienced. The children were at ease and had great fun in the session. They were both pedalling without assistance after 10 mins. I would highly recommend Blue Cycle Training to friends and family. A great experience!

Comment graphicHarriet  26 Jul 2020

5Star review My son was riding his bike within half an hour of the lesson. Great lesson. Would highly recommend.

Comment graphicLorraine  20 Jul 2020

Blue cycle training 5Star review My daughter recently learnt to ride her bike with Peter. She had no experience at all but after just one lesson she was balancing and starting to pedal. After the second lesson she was pushing off on her own and can now cycle. She has enjoyed the lessons so much that she keeps asking me to book another. Peter and his team are friendly, patient and reassuring and I highly recommend Blue Cycle Training.

Comment graphicPreeti  20 Jul 2020

Cycling lessons 5Star review Peter and Helen were fantastic with my two boys! They were riding within the hour and I did a follow up session just to further improve their confidence. Peter and Helen are great, very helpful, friendly and patient they communicated in an excellent manner with the boys, they answered all the questions I had for them, good help and advice! I would highly recommend their service!

Comment graphicAnita  19 Jul 2020

Highly recomended 5Star review Higly recomended, willing to go an extra mile, professionals, communicative, attentative, genuine. Great kick start for children to learn how to cycle in a complete safe environment.

Comment graphicMaria  12 Jul 2020

Highly recommended 5Star review I have a 4 year old and a 5 year old who can be very awkward when it comes to learning new things. They have never ridden bikes and I could not face trying to teach them myself, luckily someone recommended Blue Cycle Training and I'm absolutely delighted that they did! Peter is incredibly patient and knows all the tricks to get them to overcome their fears. He had them both riding within the hour which I could not believe. We had an additional lesson so that they could practice and learn to push off by themselves and they had both mastered it and were happily riding round and round at the end of the lesson. Peter has a brilliant selection of bikes and amazing teaching skills, this was definitely the right decision and I would urge everyone to save themselves the stress and take their children to Peter!

Comment graphicHelen  16 Mar 2020

Learning To Ride 5Star review I took my 4 year old daughters to the riding lessons at Keble School. They thoroughly enjoyed it and after 2 lessons were actually riding on their own!! The tutors are friendly, professional and really helpful. Can’t recommend it enough

Comment graphicTom  1 Mar 2020

5 Year Old 5Star review My 5 year old son had only ridden a balance bike previously and hadn't been on that for around 6 months when he attending this lesson. Within 30 minutes he was riding around on his own. The teacher was very patient and understood exactly how to overcome my sons apprehension to cycling. I'd highly recommend these lessons to anyone looking to learn how to ride a bike.

Comment graphicDavid  24 Feb 2020

Learn to ride a bike 5Star review Took my 7 and 5 year old to learn to ride a bike. They both enjoyed it very much. My 7 year old was able to ride on her own confidently within the hour and my 5 year old with a bit of a push was able to ride by himself. Was very pleased with the outcome. Would definitely recommend peter, thank you so much.

Comment graphicAndrea  24 Feb 2020

Fantastic 5Star review My seven year old son could almost ride a bike but couldn’t quite get it. Attempts to practice were very frustrating for both of us. Within one hour Peter had my son confidently riding laps of the practice area and he enjoyed every minute of the lesson. I’d highly recommend Peter. It’s worth every penny.

Comment graphicDominic  2 Feb 2020

Bike skills 5Star review My 2 children did a bike skills class with there 2 friends with Peter. They had a great time and Peter made it very fun for them and when they finished they asked when they could go again. My son did the learn to ride course and first and then we wanted him to become more confident so booked it for my daughter and son and we managed to get 2 of there friends in the same course so the kids had a blast Thanks so much Peter

Comment graphickarina  2 Feb 2020

Teaching my kids to ride bikes 5Star review Took my two children to learn to ride their bikes on Sunday, the children finished lesson both being able to ride without help, was super proud of my 6 year old, really recommend Peter, very patient. Would definitely recommend to other people.

Comment graphicanthony  20 Jan 2020

Cycling lesson for 5 year old 5Star review My 5 year old never got the hang of his balance bike and refused to ride his pedal bike without stabilisers. In one lesson with David he learnt to balance, progress to using pedals and then finally ride unassisted - all with a huge grin on his face. Amazing! Thoroughly recommend these sessions to others.

Comment graphicJulia  20 Jan 2020

Money well spent! 5Star review Took our 4 year old daughter for her first lesson today and she can now ride a bike. What more can you ask for! Can't recommend highly enough.

Comment graphicMark Thomas  15 Dec 2019

5 stars! 5Star review A big Thank you to Peter and David! We have twins and one could cycle the other not! Within the hour Lola was given the confidence she needed and was cycling around happily with her brother. A fabulous and quick way to get your little ones cycling.

Comment graphicKate  18 Nov 2019

Fab bike session! 5Star review What a fantastic session, my son was reluctant to take the stabilisers off his bike but by the end of the hour was riding on his own!!! He really enjoyed the session and now his sister is saying she wants a go so we may be booking another session soon! Thank you so much- would def recommend this to all my friends!

Comment graphicAnna  18 Nov 2019

A great idea and works really well 5Star review Thanks to Peter and David for the wonderful learn to cycle session my son and another child attended yesterday. It was pouring with rain some of the time but Peter and David and the 2 children braved the weather and both children were cycling very well within the hour. Peter and David were very patient and friendly with both children and gained their confidence and my son was impressed with the Frog bike Peter supplied. The other child brought their own bike. I would very much recommend this service, was enjoyable for my son and he is proud of himself.

Comment graphicJoanna  30 Sep 2019

Amazing 5Star review Such friendly service from beginning to end, I was extremely skeptical about my son learning to ride in an hour but thanks to Peter my son was riding with full confidence within the first 30mins and starting by himself within the hour. Even my son was shocked and said Peter used magic on his bike to help him ride. So we have a very happy and confident young boy. Would definitely recommend them to anyone very friendly and patient.

Comment graphicSymone Hinds  22 Sep 2019

Bruce 5Star review David was incredibly patient with my 4 year old daughter, who was reluctant to even get on her bike whilst it had pedals on, as we usually take them off for her to ride as a balance bike. By the end of the hour, David has coaxed her to ride independently round and round the Astro turf court and she thoroughly enjoyed herself and increased her confidence. She has already asked to come to another lesson, so we may book on again in the near future. Thanks Peter and David!

Comment graphicLaura  22 Sep 2019

Blue Cycle Training 5Star review Excellent teaching so impressed My son Joshua aged 9 had never cycled before apart from when he was about three on a bike with stabilisers. Took Josh about an hour and a half with Peter today but he is cycling and so proud of himself . Pete I cannot thank you enough . We came all the way from Sutton Surrey but it was definitely worth it . The fact that you provide the bikes as well really helped . I would recommend Peter to any parent who wants their child to learn to cycle .

Comment graphicTherese  22 Sep 2019

Bicycle training review 5Star review This is the second time I’ve used the Lyd’s group for recommendations and once again I am extremely pleased. Peter Farebrother, is absolutely amazing. I can not thank him enough. After my sons first lesson he has been able to ride a bike even though for a little bit on his own. What this has done to his confidence I can’t really put into words. Not only has boosted his confidence my son is enthralled by bike riding and has found a new love away from his PS4 and a football. (YES!!!) I’m so happy that with Peter’s help I have been able to positively broaden my sons horizons. His professionalism, passion and enthusiasm is next to nothing. I can’t recommend him enough. We are patiently awaiting our next lesson. Thank you so much Peter Farebrother and thank you Lydsters. What an amazing community we have.

Comment graphicGrace Mafolabomi  3 Sep 2019