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Sammy Sleep Nanny

Location London

Sammy Sleep Nanny

I'm Sam and I'm a certified sleep consultant working with families of children aged 18 weeks to 7 years old. My mission is to end unnecessary sleep deprivation and its detrimental effects on young families. I coach parents how to help babies and young children to become efficient sleepers using holistic, gentle and responsive solutions. This encourages secure attachment and never entails a child feeling distressed. I offer bespoke sleep plans as I believe all children are different as are all family needs and offer packages where I can support and coach whilst the plan is put into place. Some of the common challenges I can help resolve are: -Bedtime settling -Nap struggles and transitions -Rocking/holding/feeding to sleep -Ditching the dummy -Frequent night waking -Bed hopping -Early rising -Transitioning to a big bed -Night weaning -Moving out of parents room -Co-sleeping Your child and family all deserve consistent restorative sleep and restful nights to feel refreshed and enjoy the day together. I can get you there fast. I absolutely love what I do, knowing I make such a huge difference in a family's life, it's not only so rewarding for me, but transformational for you. I really look forward to speaking to you. Sam x


5Star review from 1 review

Sleep 5Star review We started working with Sam when Hugo was 4 months. He had been sleeping really well at night until he was about 3 months, just waking for a few feeds each night, but then he started to wake regularly, sometimes straight away at bedtime after his feed or every 30-45mins from bedtime. Hugo would wake up distressed and upset unable to go back to sleep and no one was sleeping well. We found it really hard to get him to sleep and stay asleep and we needed to do something. So we asked Sam to help. After a really in depth consultation, Sam provided a detailed plan to help us to get Hugo to settle himself to sleep. The approach was really gentle and took account of his age, and in actual fact meant far less crying than before we started the plan. As Hugo learnt to self settle at night this also meant he started to be able to do it in the daytime too, and I went from spending hours each day in a dark room with Hugo napping on me, to being able to put Hugo in the cot for a nap, leave the room and he would settle himself, something I thought would never happen. Sam has supported us the whole way through, I would really recommend her, it has honestly changed our lives and really helped us all get some much needed sleep.

Comment graphicJess  3 Apr 2021