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BA performance at Dugdale Centre - Part Two

7 — 7pm - Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Venue: Chickenshed
Chase Side, Southgate, N14 4PE, United Kingdom,

Chickenshed's BA students have devised two productions that each address important social issues. They have been performing these shows in community/arts venues and schools across London and beyond, raising awareness about the subject matters, and encouraging people to think differently about the issues raised by the productions. Each show has part one and part two performances which can be enjoyed as productions in their own right but which are even better when audiences book to see both parts. Aftermath Part Two Grief, Nightmare, Acceptance, Renewal Continuing to follow the characters from part one, the piece will explore the best and worst stories and scenarios of grief. All the characters will experience different stages of grief - and at times it can seem as if they all blur into one: a mother and father who are grieving over the loss of a child; a girl struggling with isolation and grieving after moving away; and a counsellor with her own issues, but no time to find out where her grief is leading. Will our characters learn how to help themselves? Acceptance doesn't mean that we have forgotten or need to pretend that the past hasn't happened. Acceptance means embracing the present, and getting strength from others who are doing the same. Artless Part Two Masked World Ten years on! Living in a dystopian world without creativity or emotion, we revisit characters from Part One including Mia who is desperately fighting for the existence of creativity and the Arts. Did the characters in part one live for nothing - or die for everything? Where are those who fought against an Artless world now? The Camp condemns any type of self-expression and creative personas. Does The Camp (which puts a lifeless mask on all creative expression) succeed in masking the whole world in a mechanical anti-world of suppressed creativity? Are we all ultimately destined forever to be Artless and is resistance pointless? Date: Wed 19 Jun (part two performances) | 7pm Tickets: £7 | £5 concessions In order for the students to perform these shows in community/arts venues and schools across London and beyond, support is needed to raise £5000 towards the additional costs of venue hire, transport hire, support and other areas so these productions can be taken to places where they can raise awareness and help change lives. Why do we need this extra funding? Chickenshed embraces the potential of everyone, which is why student groups are fully inclusive. This means we need to arrange specific transport and extra support for projects that take place away from our own theatre, to ensure all students have an equal chance to participate in their course. We would all appreciate if you could donate as much as you can - without this it would not be possible for our BA students to be able to tour our shows in this way.


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